5 Ways to Design Awesome Testimonial Pages

Think about the last purchase you made online.

 Did you read any reviews?

 Chances are that you did.

 The Internet makes it easy to quickly search for product reviews prior to completing a purchase. If you see that a product has been highly rated, you are far more likely to follow through. But seeing a product with an overwhelming number of one star ratings is likely to make you reconsider.

Consumers even turn to reviews when searching for local businesses. Data from a BrightLocal Survey found that 91% of consumers read online reviews to assess the credibility of a business.

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Reviews are a form of social proof and are incredibly influential for the following reasons:

  • Increases credibility
  • Drives more sales
  • Generates interest

Social proof can be that extra push that prospects need to complete their purchase. Incorporating social proof into your own site’s web design in the form of reviews and testimonials can drive more conversions. Here we look at several real-life examples of companies with well designed testimonial pages.

1. Xero – Use Imagery to Highlight Reviews

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Xero does a great job of highlighting testimonials right on the homepage from actual business owners that use the company’s products. Hovering over each image reveals a short review from that individual. Clicking on the button below takes visitors to another page where they can read even more customer stories across different industries. Visitors to the page can immediately see how Xero’s products benefit them.

2. mHelpDesk – Implement Video Reviews

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mHelpDesk has an incredibly effective testimonial page. Each review comes from actual customers and also includes a short video that details their experience with the company. The videos may not exactly be production quality, but it helps to add more authenticity to the testimonial. Displayed below the videos are awards and badges of recognition.

3. Dropbox – Use Numbers to Boost Credibility

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Dropbox offers another excellent example of a testimonial page that effectively leverages social proof with the headline “Join the 200,000 companies that use Dropbox Business”. And below that are logos from different companies that use their services along with video testimonials. The fact that more than 200,000 companies use Dropbox boosts credibility.

4. FocusLab – Use Clear Visuals

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FocusLab takes a different approach to the typical testimonial page that usually lists out reviews with some pictures. The company offers visual branding solutions so it makes sense for them to focus on the creative side of their work. Clicking on the rectangular elements on the testimonial page takes visitors to a full case study that details exactly what kind of work was done for each project.

5. Shopify – Highlight Success Stories

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Shopify highlights numerous success stories on their testimonial page from business owners who have opened their own online store. Clicking on the links takes visitors to in-depth interviews where businesses detail their experience and share some of their best marketing tips with Shopify. Anyone reading through these interviews can get more insight into how they can start their own successful business.


Testimonials are an extremely effective form of social proof that can boost sales.

 People are more inclined to make a purchase if others have had a positive experience. Adding customer reviews to a testimonial page on your site is a great way to build trust with prospects and drive more conversions to your business.

 Whether you sell products or services, adding social proof to your site can greatly benefit your business. Look at some of the examples shown here for inspiration. Each one does a great job of highlighting reviews and case studies while maintaining a visually pleasing design.