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pwd staff OLIVER WOOD
Oliver Wood

|2nd September 2019

Building your online presence is one sure way to guarantee that your brand stays on consumers’ lips. With a prevalent online presence, it will be only a matter of time until you see your business’ sales skyrocket. Growing your business online comes with many benefits that are just waiting for you to fully utilise. To unlock one’s online potential, many marketers turn to online ads.

In a world where most marketing material is digested in the digital space, online advertising is key to a successful business strategy. Think about it, when you’re scrolling through your favourite social media platform or entering in a Google search, you are more often than not going to be faced with some form of online advertising. Due to its effectiveness, ease of use, and quick turn around times, taking your advertising online might just be what your business is looking for.

With a myriad of different ad types for you to choose from with various outcomes, you can easily pick and choose which strategies are best for you. Despite the differing approaches, one thing remains true: online adverts increase clickthroughs and help you generate more sales.

What are Online Ads?

Even if you don’t consider yourself a social media guru, we can almost guarantee you’ve run into a few online adverts before. If we go back to the early 2000s, you may recall these online adverts as invasive pop-ups that don’t particularly speak to your interests or needs as a consumer. Fast forward to today and you may note that this space of marketing has become extremely advance with the consumers’ needs at the fore.

In a nutshell, online advertising is used to drive promotional messaging to a business’s ideal customer. These adverts are created based on certain consumer characteristics, search intents, and purchasing interests. With these categories in mind, you may have come across an online placement that looks a little like this:


Or even like this:


While the one ad is suited for Google and the other for Instagram, they are both placed in front of the user based off of their search history. By searching “baby clothes in Perth”, we were provided with an accurate ad that speaks to the query while Instagram has relayed a similar interest in its advert for Vaseline. This form of accurate consumer targetting is the exact reason why more and more businesses are turning to online advertising in order to broaden their online presence.

The Benefits of Online Ads:

Whether you’re running a social media-focused marketing strategy or a purely search engine focused ad, online advertising is extremely effective in getting your brand’s name out to consumers. While different ads may range in results, the following benefits remain true throughout.

Keep Costs Low

Marketing your business can get costly and unfortunately, most strategies don’t yield immediate results. Luckily, online advertising doesn’t take up a large portion of a marketing budget but it does provide seriously impressive results.

With this form of marketing, you’re giving your business a wider exposure rate at a much lower cost. Depending on your chosen platform, you can use as little as $5 to reach well over 100 people per day.

Reach Your Ideal Target Audience

As we’ve already mentioned, marketers and businesses love online advertising for its extreme audience selection capabilities. Whether you’re using social media, PPC, or Google Ads, you have access to a plethora of consumer information that can best equip your advert.

Let’s take Facebook, for example. Facebook is known for its vast knowledge of consumer insights. Using an algorithm based off of website plugins, page likes, comments, and material consumers interact with most, Facebook allows you to put your ad right in front of your ideal customer. This train of thought goes for the likes of Google, PPC and other online advertising forms too.


By carefully crafting your online ad to suit your target audience’s needs and preferences, you are able to wade through the clutter and directly reach an engaged potential customer. These customers are those who can benefit best from your service offering and who are more likely to follow through on a purchase. This is a win both for your business and your online presence!

Get Wider Coverage

Targetting an audience where it’s most effective could be argued as one of the hardest struggles marketers face. The argument between a strong reach versus an increase in sales is often debated.

Before online advertising, the use of billboard or television ads were seen as king due to the wide exposure rate. Unfortunately, it meant that you’d run the risk of reaching a lot of the wrong people in the process. In the digital age, we are now seeing marketers prioritise online advertising due to both its effective coverage and impressive ROI.

Let’s take a look at the 2 most popular forms of online advertising platforms: search engines and social media. Google is estimated to be getting over 63,000 search queries every second. With that many people using the search engine tool, just think of the potential your business has of reaching its ideal target audience!

Facebook, on the other hand, has over 2.23 billion active users with YouTube closely following with 1.9 billion users. These statistics alone prove that there is an incredible potential to reach thousands of people within your target audience.

With the right ad targetting and demographic profiling, your ad could be reaching millions of people in seconds!

Improve Your SEO

What many forget about online advertising is that not only is it beneficial in generating more leads but it helps boost your SERP ranking too. With more people coming to your website through a generated link, the more Google will start to recognise your website’s traffic.

After covering the basics of Google ranking factors, we already know that search engines place preference on sites who have more engagement and more visitors. The better search engines are able to establish your content as valuable for its use, the better your chances are for landing on the first page of Google.

With that being said, having an online advert will help direct traffic to these dedicated pages and therefore result in an increase in user numbers. This process will make creeping up those dreaded pages of Google much faster!


Online ads are full of helpful benefits that can help build your online presence and in turn, your business. With just a few clicks, your number of sales will never look better!