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What do SEO services include?

How does it work?

Accelerate growth by choosing the right Perth SEO agency to execute a high-
impact Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign for you. At PWD, our SEO
experts are focused on ranking you #1 on Google.

To outmanoeuvre your competition, you need a holistic SEO strategy. If you want
results, your SEO campaign requires a superior content strategy, flawless
technical SEO, and a hard-hitting link-building campaign.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO indicates to Google the content, quality and user
experience provided by your website.

We’ll analyse the On-Page (technical) SEO of your site, enhance page loading speed,
improve link structure, and optimise metadata. We also make sure that your site’s
architecture is structured logically and accessible for crawling by Google.

Off-Page SEO

Increasing your websites domain authority by acquiring high-quality backlinks.

Link building is a powerful off-site SEO strategy. We’ll help your business with
compelling content, individual outreach and relevant directory listings to
build an authoritative backlink profile for your business.

SEO Copywriting

– Keyword research (identifying search terms & topics)
– Optimising keyword density without keyword stuffing
– Covering topics in-depth, answering user questions & semantically structuring content
– Adding well optimised images with metadata
– Internal link optimisation


Local SEO (Google Maps)

We’re a local business, so we understand the importance of showing up for local search queries. Our team of SEO specialists can improve your businesses visibility and get you appearing in the Google Maps 3-pack snippet at the top of Google’s results page. Google My Business optimisation and local SEO can help your business show up first in your target audience’s location. The in-house team of SEO Perth experts at PWD will ensure that your company is well-positioned for long-term success.
Our local SEO service will increase your organic traffic and ensure that you’re attracting the right customers from your local area.

A team of SEO specialists
focused on ranking you #1 on Google

Оur SEO strategies are focused on generating your qualified leads in the shortest amount of time possible. Accelerate the growth of your business by choosing an SEO agency that is capabable of executing a high-impact SEO campaign. Our SEO specialists will work with you and your team to understand your business, then deliver a customised, high-impact marketing strategy for SEO success.

PWD Digital Agency is one of the foremost SEO companies Perth has to offer. Partnering with an SEO company backed by a dedicated team of in-house SEO Perth experts will ensure your SEO services are effective. Most SEO companies in the Perth metro area outsource their clients on-site SEO overseas. If your SEO company is outsourcing their SEO services, they are likely using cheap tactics to rank your website. Cheap SEO tactics dramatically increase your risk of getting a Google penalty.

Keeping it local

We cover all areas

We’ve been in the digital game for long enough to predict trends and help your website become the pinnacle of your business.

Digital marketing is a moving target, an industry where the only constant changes. That’s why you need an agency you can rely on.

At PWD, we provide our clients with dependable deliverables, combining our years of knowledge, experience and skills into unwavering navigation for their digital marketing campaigns and projects.

We love designing websites with stunning visuals and an authentic User Experience

We recommend a WordPress content management system (CMS) WordPress is an Open Source software system used by millions of people worldwide to create beautiful websites and blogs. Since 2003, WordPress users have contributed to the system, making it a suitable platform for Local Business or Global Companies such as The New York Times & Sony PlayStation.

Perth Web Design has been using WordPress for over seven years and has designed and developed over 2,500 websites using WordPress system to enable our customers to control their websites. The WordPress interface is user-intuitive, making editing content simple. Implementing changes is similar to editing a document in Microsoft Word, as you can add text and insert images.

Keeping it local

We cover all areas

We’ve been in the digital game for long enough to predict trends and help your website become the pinnacle of your business.

At PWD, we believe that many hands make light work. We combine multiple marketing disciplines into a cohesive whole, bringing together strategy, design, UX, web, search, and sales to create holistic digital campaigns and projects for our clients that truly shine.

Every team member brings with them years of digital marketing experience and expertise to help your business stand out from the crowd.

A team of SEO specialists
focused on ranking you #1 on Google

PWD Digital Agency is one of the foremost SEO companies Perth has to offer. Partnering with an SEO company backed by a dedicated team of in-house SEO Perth experts will ensure your SEO services are effective. Most SEO companies in the Perth metro area outsource their clients on-site SEO overseas.

If your SEO company is outsourcing their SEO services, they are likely using cheap tactics to rank your website. Cheap SEO tactics dramatically increase your risk of getting a Google penalty.


We’re different to traditional Perth SEO agencies

Real results, no
lock-in SEO contracts

We deliver SEO results that move the needle, not expensive lock-in SEO contracts – the type of results that your business will notice every week as your organic traffic steadily increases.

We understand that having full insight into the return on investment of your SEO campaign is critical. Our transparent approach to SEO reporting provides you with all the information you need to make informed business decisions. This allows you to track your organic growth at every stage.

We’re the trusted partner that’s helped over 500 Perth businesses increase their search visibility on Google and supercharge sales growth with measurable results.

A Perth SEO agency that you can trust

We’ve been helping Perth businesses maximise online marketing ROI with search engine optimisation since ‘95.

Our unique understanding of the Perth SEO market allows us to deliver exceptional results that we’re proud to share.

We can help your company with every step of the SEO process from start to finish.

Powerful SEO services for long-term growth

The price of paid PPC advertising is increasing every day as competition skyrockets online.

We’ll help your business show up on Google and capture organic traffic without expensive ongoing AdWords campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation is an investment that can provide years of revenue growth for your business and deliver a unique competitive advantage. There’s never been a better time to improve your online presence, and our Perth SEO services make it easier than ever.

Data-driven, ROI
chasing SEO Perth

SEO best practices are rapidly evolving, with important changes to Google’s search algorithm occurring overnight. Our account managers consistently see clients who were using an SEO Perth service that implemented outdated best practices.

Search Engine Optimisation’s frenetic pace makes it almost impossible for business owners to keep their finger on the pulse.

We live and breathe SEO strategies so that you can get back to managing your business. Recover hours of your time by outsourcing every aspect of your SEO for our team to manage carefully.

Focus on running your business while ensuring that your online presence is perfectly optimised for maximum exposure.

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“PWD helped our SEO dramatically”

Tamara Yoga

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“”PWD become a team player of your company and work in your best interest”

Affinity Windows – BGC

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“After working with PWD we saw a significant increase in sales enquiries”

AFGRI – Tim Roberts

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“Professional, Kind, Responsive and Looks At The Bigger Picture”

Daisy Ashworth – Mortgage Mates

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“Since working with PWD they’ve shown me how a web design company can make things easy and come up with innovative ideas.”

Steve Sell – LOANS 123

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“We have actually asked PWD to cut out advertising spend, because I can’t handle the volume of business.”

George Bushney – Patio Factory

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“We get a tremendous more amount of enquiry into our company. They’ve always been caring, interested, had fabulous ideas and motivated, it’s just a really great company to deal with.”

Sue – Kitchen Capital

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“We like the fact that PWD’s values align with Marr Mooditj’s”

Sophie – Marr Mooditj Training

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“Oliver’s team has been really easy to get along with… I can’t recommend them highly enough”

Rod – Palletwest

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“The thing I enjoy most about working with PWD is the one-on-one contact and knowing what’s happening tomorrow and being updated regularly on what has been done on a daily basis.”

Aaron – Renew Energy

SEO Campaign Success Stories

“We got to Page 1 and it was instantaneous combustion from page 1 and we’ve been on Page 1 ever since. The business then took off!”

Wayne – Lifestyle Wardrobes

Some of our other successful SEO clients


Our Proven SEO Process

Establish business goals
Every SEO strategy begins by discussing the growth that your business would like to achieve. Your account manager wants to understand your business goals and the importance that our SEO services will play in reaching those goals. Establishing growth targets early helps us to achieve a precise alignment of SEO strategy with your unique business.
Comprehensive Website Audit
Our SEO team will undertake a comprehensive SEO audit of your existing website to understand the current status and how you’re performing in organic search. We’ll consider loading speed, mobile accessibility, content gaps and identify any opportunities for improvement.
Competitor and Industry Research
Developing a complete picture of the level of competition in your industry is vital for SEO success. Our SEO consultants will analyse your industry as a whole and drill down on your strongest local SEO competitors. Competitor research allows us to understand the methods that are delivering results in your industry.
Keyword Research and Selection
As the leading SEO company in Perth, we have access to a range of best in class keyword research tools that help us identify the keywords that potential clients are using to find your products or services. Our SEO specialists select the best SEO keywords associated with a high intention of purchase for maximum ROI.

The 80/20 rule is particularly true for keyword research and selection. Higher quality keywords can produce a much larger ROI than lower quality keywords, even in smaller volumes.

On Page Optimisation (Technical SEO)
On-page optimisation is the process that we use to tweak all of your website’s technical aspects at an individual page level. When search engine crawlers, such as Google’s GoogleBot, crawl your site, the on-page code provides data that determines. We’ll take steps to improve every aspect of your on-page SEO by increasing your loading speed, improving link structure, enhancing metadata and site architecture.

At this stage, we also do a local SEO audit and devise a strategy to optimise your Google My Business listing. Google My Business optimisation listing increases your chances of being shown in the section of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) receives up to 44% of the clicks.
SEO Content Strategy (Targeted Content)
As a part of our SEO services, our content writers will create perfectly optimised website copy. Using the optimum keywords that we’ve identified for your website, we’ll design a new content strategy. Then, we’ll commence creating the perfect content to capture attention and drive high-conversion traffic to your website.
Link Analysis, Repair, and Building
Links to your website are an important factor in your website’s position (rank) in search results. High-quality links demonstrate to Google that your content is important, relevant, and authoritative. We start by disconnecting your site from negative links that may be harming your performance. Then, we commence a link building campaign to generate safe, high-quality (white hat) backlinks for your site.

Networking is crucial to building a great presence in the offline business world. The same applies online for a digital marketing agency if they want too carry out effective link building campaigns. The quality and authority of backlinks that a digital agency can get your website will depend entirely on the relationships that agency has with content writers.

There is a direct correlation between how high a page ranks in the search results and the number of high-quality sites that link to it. We often come across clients who an SEO company has told in Perth that link building isn’t important or don’t do it. The reason for this is that link building is one most expensive hard-costs associated with SEO. Most agencies do not want to incur the costs. However, the reality is that a few placed links could be the secret weapon, boosting your online presence. Digital PR (link building) is one of the most important aspects of online marketing.
Content Curation and Outreach
Creating new content that is valuable and relevant to your audience is crucial for the SEO puzzle. Search Engine Optimisation is a war, not a battle. Long-term growth requires a persistent content creation approach. We’ll design an ongoing content plan specific to your industry to continue building your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position.

One of the benefits of working with Perth’s leading SEO agency is getting access to top-quality SEO copywriting produced in-house by our professional copywriter.

SEO copywriting needs to focus on the right topics and use the right keyword density to beat Google’s NLP (natural language programming) algorithms. Before we publish content on your website, we run it through several tests. First, we do a manual review. Content is high quality and is relevant to your businesses service offerings. Following this, the SEO content is run through our language and keyword analysis tool that determines how Google will interpret the content.

Transparent SEO Reporting
Perhaps one of the most important parts of your investment in SEO services, accurate SEO reporting is critical to your campaign’s success. We measure your campaign’s performance and ROI through transparent SEO reporting. We’ll track your organic search position across all of the search terms that we’ve optimised for daily. Every month we’ll provide you with a clear report that outlines the progress we’re making for your business.

Finding the Best SEO
Agency in Perth:
A Comprehensive Guide


In today’s digital landscape, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a crucial aspect of online success. Choosing the right SEO agency is paramount for businesses aiming to thrive in the competitive online market. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of the best SEO agency Perth, best SEO Perth, best SEO company Perth, and SEO expert Perth to help you make an informed decision.

Why SEO is Essential for Businesses in Perth

SEO offers numerous benefits for businesses in Perth, including increased visibility, higher search engine rankings, and improved website traffic. By utilising the best SEO services in Perth, businesses can gain a competitive edge, attract potential customers, and ultimately drive growth. SEO is essential in helping Perth-based companies establish a strong online presence and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Agency

When selecting an SEO agency, consider the following key factors:

  • Experience and expertise in the industry.
  • Case studies and proven track record.
  • Transparency in communication and reporting.
  • Customised SEO strategies tailored to your business needs.
  • Focus on both on-page and off-page optimisation techniques.

Best SEO Agency Perth:
Top Contenders

The top contenders for the best SEO agency Perth are renowned for their strengths and accomplishments, as well as their unique features. These agencies offer a comprehensive range of services, boast high customer satisfaction rates, and maintain excellent industry reputations. As you research the best SEO agency Perth, consider each company’s innovative approach, technical expertise, and commitment to customer you make an informed decision.

Best SEO Company Perth: Standout Qualities

The best SEO company Perth is characterised by standout qualities, such as:

  • Exceptional customer support
  • Technical expertise
  • Innovative strategies and techniques

SEO Expert Perth: Traits to Look For

Working with an SEO expert Perth is crucial for the success of your SEO campaign. Look for the following key traits in an SEO expert:

  • Extensive experience
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO practices
  • Adaptability to industry changes


Choosing the right SEO agency is vital for maximising your online presence in Perth. Take the time to thoroughly research and compare your options to find the best SEO agency Perth, best SEO Perth, best SEO company Perth, or SEO expert Perth for your business. Don’t hesitate to invest in your online success – partner with a top SEO agency and watch your business thrive in the digital world.



What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your website for targeted search traffic by improving your position or rank in search engine result pages (SERP). Increased rank leads to enhanced visibility by potential clients and more sales or enquiries.

SEO’s primary benefit is completely free traffic to your website without the need for paid advertising services like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or similar PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t publish specific guidelines on the best SEO strategies for improving your website’s SERP position, making SEO challenging. The majority of Google’s revenue is generated through their AdWords PPC platform, so helping your business capture free traffic doesn’t align with their business model.

When a client searches for the keywords “SEO Perth” on Google, the first few results that show up receive the most clicks and website traffic. The results on pages two onwards only receive a small fraction of the clicks and search traffic.

As you can see, we’ve successfully optimised our PWD website to appear near the top of the page for “SEO Perth” so that we can help clients when they require a local Perth SEO company.

If your business isn’t showing up on the first page of search results, you may be invisible to clients who require your products or services. The simple answer is to optimise your site for search engines using proven SEO strategies that allow clients to find your business. The only alternative is to use Google Adwords and pay for each click that potential customers make when searching for keywords that align with your products or services.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works by carefully reviewing and optimising your site for each of Google’s 200+ ranking signals.

SEO works by carefully optimising each of the signals that Google uses to determine your website’s rank. Ultimately, SEO works by making your website more relevant and providing a high-quality experience to users. However, as you’ve seen above, the process certainly isn’t simple, and there is no perfect method that Google recommends for SEO growth. SEO is a long-term investment in your business that pays dividends for years to come.

Our digital marketing experts can help your company achieve the SEO growth that your business needs for now and the future. We have over 30 years of combined experience as SEO specialists. We are dedicated to helping Perth businesses reach their SEO goals.
What are the different types of SEO?
Technical SEO: Optimising the foundational technical aspects of your website.

Content Optimisation: An SEO content specialist audits and optimises your content’s keyword density and topical relevance to outperform your competition.

Link Building: Building high-quality, authoritative links to your website through our outreach link-building program.

Mobile SEO: Your rankings on desktop and mobile tend to be different. We ensure your website is mobile-responsive and able to rank for mobile searches.

SEO Auditing: An SEO audit is a great way to pinpoint what needs to change on your website and set a benchmark for future performance.

International SEO: Optimise your website to increase organic traffic globally.

Ecommerce SEO: An eCommerce SEO campaign is quite different to traditional (local) SEO. Our team of digital marketing experts have years of experience optimising websites for eCommerce brands.

Local SEO: For businesses only concerned with ranking in one location. Our SEO consultants can grow organic traffic for local businesses like plumbers, electricians, or other local businesses.

SEO & Website Migration: We ensure that when your new website goes live, you don’t drop off the face of Google.

JavaScript SEO: Ensuring your site can be crawled by Googlebot. What Google sees and what a user will see are two very different things. Our own website is built using a JavaScript framework; we’re experts in JavaScript SEO.
How much does SEO cost in Australia?
SEO costs can be one of the most challenging aspects for businesses that have decided to enhance their search position. The confusion level is perfectly understandable because SEO services are offered at such varied price points from $5 to $1M+.

SEO costs vary a lot depending on your business and your plans for search domination.

Pro Tip: If an SEO company provides you with pricing information before they understand your business, then it’s time to run!

Here are the crucial questions that will determine the cost of SEO services:

– How competitive is your industry?
– How is your website currently performing?
– How ambitious are your SEO goals?
– How aggressive is your timeline for SEO?
– How much search competition exists in the area that your business operates?
– Are there any previous SEO issues that need to be addressed?

While we can’t give you an accurate indication of pricing on SEO services, we can definitely help once we understand your business. We’ll ask the important questions to deliver real results that will maximise your digital marketing ROI. Your business is unique, and the pricing that we provide will be too.

Choose an SEO company that takes the time to understand your business by asking the right questions. Talk to us today for an accurate indication of pricing for your search engine optimisation needs.
What is content marketing?
Content marketing is an important element of SEO. Businesses have an opportunity to differentiate themselves by creating fresh, valuable and relevant content that audiences will go out of their way to consume. The very best content marking is educational in nature rather than promotional. Some examples of content that adds value to your reader’s day could include items like websites, blogs, newsletters, YouTube videos or podcasts, or highly sharable content. When it comes to content marketing for SEO, highly shareable content, or “linkbait”, is used to acquire backlinks.

An example of content marketing:

A quick example that you may be familiar with is the popular series on YouTube, ‘Will it Blend?’ This channel belongs to BlendTec Blenders – which saw a sales increase of more than 700% after implementing the series. The millions of people that watch these videos aren’t blender enthusiasts. They’re watching something entertaining and then sharing this with friends.

Similarly, Air New Zealand’s ‘most epic safety video ever made’ has more than 21 million views. They have become known for their excellent content that is easily relatable and highly sharable, even for those who aren’t booking travel.

Entertaining and engaging your audience properly creates brand awareness and loyalty like no other while simultaneously contributing to SEO success.
How does Google rank sites?
First, it’s essential to understand the way that Google ranks websites. At a fundamental level, Google displays the best quality, highly relevant content for users first. Google wants search engine users to receive the information that they need fast. However, over two hundred different ranking factors can affect your website’s position (rank) in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Here are some of the most important ranking factors that Google considers:

Domain-level SEO ranking factors Google examines your domain’s history and uses this as a factor in determining the ranking of your website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Important domain-level factors include your domain’s age, spam activity associated with your domain, owner information or location, and potential alignment with keywords.

Site Level SEO Ranking factors Google’s algorithm considers your website’s quality in determining your rank (position) in search results. Important site-level (on-page) SEO factors include site security (SSL), logical navigation, site architecture, and site map. Any successful SEO strategies must include on-page optimisation to ensure that both Google and regular site users experience safe and seamless browsing.

On-page SEO ranking factors On-page optimisation is the process of ensuring that the technical elements on individual pages of your website are sending the correct signals to Google. Search engines review (crawl) your pages and examine important elements, including keywords, content length, metadata, and internal linking structures. On-page optimisation is one of the foundational building blocks for a successful SEO campaign.

Off-site SEO & backlink profile optimisation Your website backlink profile’s quality was still one of the most important sites ranking factors in 2020. Google considers external links to your website (backlinks) from other sites to vote for confidence. The more authoritative and relevant the external link (backlink), the more confidence Google has that you’re delivering high-quality content for their users. Building a robust backlink profile is an essential part of any SEO campaign.

User behaviour Google considers how users interact with your website in determining the quality of the content and overall experience. Google uses several metrics to assess user interaction with your site:

Click-Through Rate (CTR): High CTR indicates that the content that you’re offering aligns with users search intent.

Bounce Rate: Users that arrive at your site and leave immediately (High bounce rate indicates that the content that you’re offering may not align with users search intent or the content is poor quality)

Repeat Visitors: Users that access your site on multiple occasions (High repeat visitors numbers indicate that the content that you’re offering is valuable or helpful to users)

Okay, so now that you understand how Google ranks your website, the next question is:

How can I optimise my website for Search Engines?
How long does SEO take to work?
The time it will take for SEO to deliver meaningful results for your business depends on your website’s current status, existing competition, and industry landscape.

Imagine for a moment that SEO is like constructing a new house, and the construction phase will vary based on your property’s current status.

Has the foundation already been laid (basic On-Page SEO), and has the client previously used an SEO service? OR maybe we need to start with clearing the land (fixing existing issues).

Maybe you’ve already built some trust with the neighbours (existing backlink profile)? OR perhaps you’re meeting everyone for the first time (link building).

As you can see from this example, every website starts from a unique position, and the time taken will vary considerably. However, if you invest in the process, the final result will provide dividends for years – just like building a quality house.
What is local SEO?
Local SEO optimisation is the process of optimising your website for customers in a specific geographic location or multiple locations. If your business has a physical presence, this allows walk-in customers to locate your office and purchase your products or services easily.
Where can I get cheap SEO services?
Definitely not here. As a leading SEO company, we only offer the highest quality SEO that delivers exceptional value by maximising your investment return. Is your business website important to you? If yes, then the last thing that you want is cheap, low-quality SEO work.

SEO is like precision surgery for your website, and you need someone who knows what they’re doing! Cheap, low-quality SEO by inexperienced offshore amateurs could rupture your business’s vital organs and attract Google penalties that will result in your website being hidden forever.
Are SEO services going to work?
Regardless of your website’s current rankings, our SEO specialists can definitely help improve your position in search engine result pages (SERPs.). Our SEO team will also do some preliminary analysis to establish whether search engine optimisation will provide you with an acceptable return on investment (ROI).

SEO is a potent tool for improving the presence of your business. However, execution is everything.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of SEO companies that promise the world and fail to deliver on those promises. If you’ve worked with one of these SEO companies in the past, you’ll understand that words don’t always equal results.

The truth is that SEO is HARD.

But the results are definitely worth the effort and investment.

Anyone that sells you the dream of instantly sailing up the ranks of Google isn’t telling you the truth. The in house SEO team at PWD can get you to the first page of Google in less time than other Perth SEO agencies. However, we don’t sell false expectations at PWD.

We do things a little differently…

We set realistic expectations based on the SEO results that we’ve achieved for customers. We deliver transparent reporting with comprehensive information that allows you to track the progress we’re making for your business. We develop a long-term strategy to ensure that your business continues to rank highly for the right (high intent) keywords.
Is SEO safe for my website?
Yes, absolutely.

Our approach to search engine optimisation is 100% safe for your business website.

We’re a white hat SEO company. That means we only use SEO methods that are fully compliant with Google’s terms of service. We don’t risk our reputation or our customers’ digital assets with questionable techniques that could result in crippling penalties from Google.
What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
The main difference between search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is that SEM is a paid medium, whereas SEO is focused on acquiring organic traffic. Search Engine Marketing utilises Pay Per Click (PPC) forms of advertising. An example of PPC advertising is Google Ads (AdWords).

Using Google Ads in combination with SEO helps to form a complete marketing strategy. SEO is what we call a “slow burn”, as results can take longer. PPC advertising is used to fund SEO in the short term. Once the website reaches position one, you can turn your ads and expect more leads for less cost.
Can you get me on the first page of Google?
Ranking on the first page of Google is an ambitious goal. We’ll ensure that you have the very best chance of achieving it. We live and breathe the SEO industry and constantly stay up to date with constantly evolving best practices so that you don’t have to. Rest assured your SEO campaign will be utilising the latest research, tools, and technology to reach the highest position possible.

We’re 100% transparent about the time and resources required to reach your SEO goals. You’ll understand the difficulty and investment required from the outset, so there are no surprises.
What regions does PWD offer SEO services in?
Although we’re based in Perth, we have clients right accross Australia as well as internationally. Our unique optimisation process means our team of search specialists can rank websites in any location.

Regions in Australia we currently provide SEO services are:

– Perth
– Melbourne
– Canberra
– Broome
– Brisbane
– Sydney
– Adelaide
– Darwin


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