PWD is a WordPress website development agency that offers you the opportunity to create and customise your own website.

As the world steadily becomes more digital, your online presence is, in most cases, how potential customers are likely to have their first encounter with your business. We offer WordPress web design services that allow you to build, manage, and maintain your website.

WordPress Web Design by PWD

We aim to ensure that your site reaches your target market and that it retains them. It can be somewhat pointless to get a lot of traffic that eventually leads nowhere. This is why our WordPress web designers and developers will work with you from the beginning to optimise the design and functionality of your website, and thus ensure that your business gets precisely what it needs.

We include a Content Management System (CMS) with all our websites. This means you will be able to easily update your website’s content at your convenience. Depending on the kind of business you run, it means you can easily adapt to changing trends and market preferences. Moreover, this will cut your maintenance costs.

Web Design - PWD
Our Content Management System (CMS)

Its malleability has seen WordPress emerge as a leading Open Source software system. It is user-friendly and easily accessible, as proven by its daily use by millions of people worldwide.

As an added advantage of its malleability, WordPress website design can be adapted for large companies as well as small businesses and start-ups.

We pride ourselves in hiring world-class WordPress designers and web developers. PWD can boast a lead designer with 18 years of hands-on experience, and who has worked for such big names as Sony PlayStation.

PWD can further boast over five years of experience in developing and designing over 2,500 websites using the WordPress system. We give our customers full autonomy in managing their own websites. Tasks such as inserting or removing pictures, or simply editing the text, are made easy.

In addition, as your website grows, the WordPress web design and WordPress web development platform allows you to control the following technical features to your liking:

  • Research and discovery
  • Mapping and designing
  • Development and testing
  • Content maintenance
  • Product management
  • WordPress integration
Web Design
Our Web Design process

At PWD, we pride ourselves in being highly professional and efficient. The first step in our design process is to consult with you and map out all the needs of your business.

From there, we construct a website from scratch that is in line with your mission statement and business goals. In order to optimise the functionality of the website, we incorporate interactive features that allow users to generate enquiries. In this way, you can gauge whether the website is serving its intended purpose.

PWD offers a wide range of affordable web design and development services. These are comprised of our three web design and development packages. They are as follows:

  • Standard website package
  • Product website package
  • E-commerce website package

Because our Perth based development team produces custom website designs, they are able to ensure that SEO is built in and your site is fully optimised before it goes live.

The Standard website package

The standard package is the core WordPress web design interface that guarantees you the following services and features:

  • Custom built design
  • Meeting with a professional designer
  • Internal WordPress web page design
  • 10 pages of supplied content
  • WordPress CMS
  • Animated menu system
  • Media library (including image gallery) and online image editor
  • E-mail contact form and social media links
  • Google map and browser compatibility check
  • WordPress training session and manual
  • Google Analytics installation
  • 3 months of free hosting and warranty
  • Built in Search Optimisation for SEO in Perth, enabling your website to rank on Google
  • Up to 8 stock images
  • Share press plugin for social media
Our Packages

All WordPress web design features and services in the standard package are also part of the core of the Product website and E-commerce packages. In addition, the latter two have other specialised features, all of which are outlined below.

The Product website package

If you want to sell specialised products without creating a complete online store (see below for a comparison), then this is the right web package for you.

We infuse strategic online marketing. This way, you can give your customers the convenience of online shopping, but if they don’t have viable online payment facilities such as eWay and PayPal available to them, this option ensures that you cater to them too.

In addition to those outlined in the Standard website package, our Product package also includes the following features and services:

  • 3 internal page designs
  • 10 pages of customer supplied content
  • Site search
  • Upload of 20 products


The E-Commerce website package

One of the great advantages of the digital age is online stores. These are not only convenient for consumers, but for business too.

Online stores provide you with the opportunity of selling your products without the hassle of renting a physical store. Even better, with the prevalence of mobile devices and the internet, an online presence allows you to reach more people.

The WordPress E-commerce web system is noted for being highly secure. Among many other features, the design is equipped with online stores that give you full control of products, prices, and promotions.

The best thing about this package is that you don’t have to constantly be active. We can help you make sales even when you’re asleep. As an added bonus, we start you off by importing your database of products. Our E-commerce web design package has the following features:

  • Integration of PayPal and eWay payment gateways
  • 5 internal page designs
  • 10 pages of customer supplied content
  • Site search
  • Upload of 20 products
Device Compatibility

Most people find it convenient to carry mobile electronic devices such as tablets and phones. This means you’re very likely to get a lot of traffic from these devices. If your website interface isn’t compatible, it could lose you a considerable amount of business.

Our web designers and developers can help you cater to this demographic by creating a dedicated mobile website. This is simply a second version of your normal site. Not only will we help you make your site more accessible, but we can work on its look as well as its functionality and accessibility so that it has the efficiency of a mobile app.

What Follows The Development and Design Phase

PWD is a premium (full service) agency. Once your website has been completely built, we don’t simply leave you to your own devices to figure it all out. Our WordPress website designers and WordPress website developers will provide you with an easy-to-use manual and take you through a step-by-step training process.

We will also test the responsiveness and compatibility with the various browsers and devices to ensure that all that hard work doesn’t get nullified by something as simple as the user’s preferred phone or browser not being compatible.

Finally, our WordPress design company uses Elementor Pro in all WordPress Web Design packages. This means you can easily maintain and update the website yourself. So you don’t have to deal with the extra cost and the annoyance of constant glitches.

Come To PWD For The Best WordPress Web Design!

At the end of the day, you know your business and your customers best. PWD is simply here to make sure that you grow as a market leader while at the same time, still getting to your customers as efficiently as possible.