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Social Bookmarking Is A Great Tool For SEO Campaigns

pwd staff OLIVER WOOD
Oliver Wood

|21st December 2017

There are many SEO strategies that involve a lot of tasks to ensure that a website gets the traffic it needs. It is important for every business owners or webmaster to drive as much web traffic as possible to their site in order to eventually convert these visitors to prospected clients or customers.

Among the many tools and strategies that people use to be part of their SEO strategies is Social Bookmarking. This is one of the relatively easy yet effective methods that help your SEO campaigns. The goal with social bookmarking is to enrich your credibility and make you one of the major players in your niche. This is achieved by submitting quality web contents to the many social bookmarking sites out there.

But just because social bookmarking is easy to do, people must be careful of not misusing it. This method might be very beneficial for your SEO campaigns but not using it well can also hurt your campaigns. So careful planning must be part of your strategy when you use social bookmarking.

The success of SEO campaigns are determined by how a website can find itself with a high rank in the search engines and maintain that rank. Being given the high rank means making people see your website in the first page of Google so they will eventually visit you. All the methods, tools and tricks that people would utilize for their SEO campaigns are driven towards the main goal which is to be in the first pages of Google and increase web traffic. Everything will just follow if companies are able to drive as much traffic as it can to their sites, conversion rates, revenues and popularity will be within reach once the site is getting much traffic.

So how do social bookmarking sites play in this SEO strategies and search engine rankings?

In order to rank high with the search engines, websites could use as many links as it can get that are linking people to their websites. This is how social bookmarking can help you and your SEO campaign granting that you know how to use it wisely.

When you use social bookmarking, you must remember not to flood the bookmarking sites with contents that don’t have good quality. By having quality contents, you will be able to gather more readers or subscribers to your contents thus checking your site for more.

Avoid giving much importance to sales pitches and focus on the quality contents that you share. The main idea is to tell people that you are there to help them by providing them good source of information on your chosen niche. You want to get the trust of the other network marketers so you can build your credibility in your craft. Soon they will come to your site asking for more of what you can offer.

You can start sharing quality contents to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Stumble It, Reddit, Furl and many other sites that lets you share your contents. Remember that you are not only there to drop your links but to engage people to know more about you and your business.