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What Our Clients Say: HyperSports

pwd staff OLIVER WOOD
Oliver Wood

|1st May 2018


Perth Web Design Review. Our company HyperSports manufacture sportswear, uniforms, workwear clothing etc, we do it all in-house. From supplementation through to screen printing, embroidery, the whole host of things really. The business has been operating for an excess of 30 years, under a few different guys. Now it’s flying the flag as HyperSports which we rebranded a couple of years back from Sportswear Services. The website that we had previously was tired, dated and it didn’t really give us the sort of the vision of really how we wanted to deliver our business going forward. I think the actual basis of the website and the makeup of the website was developed very quickly. We probably had that up and running within 3 months but we couldn’t go live because we had the online store that we really wanted to throw out there and that’s where the real hard work began so to speak. It has generated a significant amount of business, sort of pre-Christmas we were probably getting 10 people through every couple of days and now I think we were certainly February time we were up to 500 people through there. All Good, very simple, simply jump on your website, lodge a concern and then the issue is addressed very quickly and professionally with no sort of downtime or headaches. Honestly? Look no further, very good. I think with any company out there that does similar things, it’s all about relationships at the end of the day. We’ve been very happy.