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Oliver Wood Perth-Boosting Company Revenue via Digital Marketing

pwd staff OLIVER WOOD
Oliver Wood

|25th June 2019

Did you know that the right digital marketing strategies can turn around the fortunes of both big and small companies? What you need to do is to identify your main goals and your target group, then, through research, find strategies that will work for your business. With this information in mind, your next question will likely be about the right people to consult.

The answer is a digital marketing enthusiast and professional, Oliver Wood Path. Oliver Wood Perth is an entrepreneur with multiple businesses and strategic technological investments. As a logical and analytical thinker, he is involved in consultation, advising, and strategizing digital campaigns for his clients. He has garnered over 16 years of experience advertising both in the physical and digital space. Today, he can assess a marketing setup and establish an actionable strategy in a little under an hour.

With his knowledge, he has been able to help several small businesses turn around their fortunes. These businesses have gone from being in dire cashflow positions to gaining triple the income in just over a year. One good example of his work is with a Perth manufacturing business. He acquired the business during the COVID-19 pandemic, and from a turnover of $900 000 per year, it is projected that the business will turn over up to $2.95 million.

The Strategy

All marketing strategies can provide effective results for any business. Ideally, what makes it work is how much it suits your brand. A good business strategy should be innovative for it to bring positive results for your business. It should also promote brand recognition and let the target market know about the brand online. Some of the trusted techniques that Oliver Wood includes in his strategy are:

Website Optimization

Website optimization is crucial if you intend to drive more traffic online. As a business, you need to tend to the technical aspects of your websites by offering an intuitive user interface and maintaining the website. Having a fast, intuitive website encourages visitors to visit the website and do business with you.

Increasing Website Engagement

Oliver Wood believes that a business can boost website engagement and strengthen brand credibility through social media accounts. Your business can connect with clients on different social media platforms depending on the product or service you sell. When increasing website engagement, the main aim is to create a positive reputation and show your audience how much you value them.

Cutting-Edge SEO

Search engine optimization is central to maintaining your website’s online rankings. When your business enjoys top rankings, more people will see it and engage you. You can use various SEO tricks to increase rankings and create positive brand awareness among the target group.

Choosing Techniques for Targeted Advertising

There are specific techniques used to achieve revenue increase online. Digital enthusiasts such as Oliver Wood can show you the right channels you can use for advertising. Some of the highly recommended ones include social media, and Google ads, as these have a higher conversion rate.

Furthermore, targeted social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can provide the best platforms for interaction with your audience.

Without correct tricks for advertising, you may not be able to increase revenue for business online. This is where experts like Perth can show you the right path and channels of advertising. Google and Social Ads are the right option to target advertising and get positive results from it. As there is a higher conversion of current customers to convert to potential leads, targeted campaigns can help. In addition, social media ads can also do wonders when targeted through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others where the advertiser can get into direct interaction with the audience. So, mobile-optimized websites, quality content, and others, as mentioned above, can together contribute to creating revenue for your online business.

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