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Media buying and ad placements are marketing methods used to reach responsive and targeted audiences through traditional and digital marketing initiatives.

A detailed media planning strategy will help you maximise your budget and spend effectively, ensuring your ads get optimal exposure.
At PWD, our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the media buying process. We are ready to help you get more eyes on your ads and visits to your website, adding to your bottom line.

As an experienced media buying agency, we understand traditional and digital media buying strategies and have relationships with media owners.

We have designed our service to improve your ad campaign performance and reduce your ad spend.

With the right ads on the right channels at the right time, you will reach your target audience to generate leads for your business.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying deals with all the aspects of securing advertising time on various traditional and digital media platforms.

Our specialist buyers focus on several media channels, including print media, TV, radio, Youtube, and websites. During the media buying process, we negotiate advertising space, time slots, and price with the media owners on your behalf.

As part of our media buying service, we also research the best time and placement of specific adverts to get the optimal response from your audience.

Our goal is to get you maximum exposure to your target markets at the lowest cost to your company.

Businesses often enlist the help of our media buyers to gain a foothold in the media buying process. We do the media planning, research the target audience and market, and purchase the ad space.

Our media buyers will work directly with your marketing team, ensuring that your advertising spend focuses on the right areas every step of the way.

What Types of Traditional Media Can Be Purchased?

Traditional media buying involves purchasing ad space from any of the following media channels.


When securing ad space for TV, networks usually pitch media buyers on the benefits of advertising with them.

The next step is for your buyer to meet in person with the networks to arrange the contract terms.

Here, your agent will negotiate suitable time slots. The aim is to get the optimal slot on a channel that your target market watches.

Your PWD expert media buyer will also note any major upcoming events due to be shown on the network.

In certain circumstances, for example, during political party campaign adverts or significant sporting events, your ad may be bumped out of its time slot, no matter how much you paid for it.

By tracking this lineup, our media buyers can ensure we always retain the optimal ad placements for you.


Air time on the radio can be very effective for your targeted local or niche advertising campaign.

In this case, your media buyers will evaluate your media plan and help you secure the prime time to broadcast your message on the airwaves.

As a general rule of thumb, placing your ad at the beginning or end of the commercial break on the radio is better. We say this because listeners may tune out from radio programming during the ad break.


Media buying for print includes placing ads in newspapers, magazines, or other print media outlets.

Buying ad space for this medium demands expert knowledge. PWD media buyers excel in this department, as we put hours of research into pinpointing the audiences for a range of newspapers and magazines.

Because of this, we can make the best recommendations of the best media outlets to advertise on.

It is harder to measure the performance of print media for media placements. Readers cannot be tracked in the same way as website visitors.

We recommend using a PWD media buyer to put together an expert strategy to drive your campaign effectively.

Billboards and Posters

Outdoor billboards and posters are known as out-of-home advertising and target people who are moving around outside.

This advertising can be tricky as most people don’t read the small print.

Instead, out-of-home advertising usually includes interactive elements for people to participate in.

That is why you need a world-class traditional media agency such as PWD to guide you. When buying media for billboards and posters, the campaign’s success usually relies on creativity.

An expert media buyer from our team will work with all relevant parties, including your creative team, to create eye-catching campaigns.

What Types Of Traditional Media Advertising Do Target Audiences Respond To Best?

Traditional media advertising works effectively to reach specific target audiences.

Ad placement on radio and billboards is suitable for reaching local, niche markets. This is helpful when your business extends goods and services to new or established locations.

TV and print media generally have a wider audience, depending on their broadcast and distribution range. Our media buyers might suggest these channels if your campaign goals are focused on gaining a more extensive hold in the market.

What Types Of Traditional Media Advertising Do Target Audiences Respond To Best?

When hiring PWD for your media buying needs, rest assured that you are in expert hands. Our standard service inclusions cover:

  • a dedicated account manager for your entire campaign
  • personalised customer service to address any concerns, queries, or feedback you have
  • an expert media buyer to streamline and guide the entire media buying process


Why Hire a Media Buying Agency?

  • Hiring us is an advertising investment that can impact the success of your business. Our experienced media buyers have the skills and knowledge needed in this industry. They know precisely how to ensure your advertising campaigns achieve your desired results.
  • Without an expert agent to guide you, you might waste ad spend. Your message might not get enough reach or reach the wrong audience altogether.
  • Contact PWD today. We are ready to help you build an expert strategy and get the optimal ad placement for your business.


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