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The most popular websites and online services all have one thing in common:

Development: They’re built on top of custom web development solutions

Integration: Advanced frameworks are used to build out rich web experiences with unique functionality

Optimisation: Yet these systems achieve a seamless user experience, prompting continued engagement and brand loyalty.

Fully functional and customisable websites

Perth Web Design can build websites using a large number of available Content Management Systems (CMS). These can include but are not limited to Drupal, Magento, Joomla and WordPress but may also include a custom CMS should the solution require it. Most of the time, we will use the industry-standard WordPress platform but with an entirely custom design. We start with an initial consultation to better understand your business goals and objectives.

This allows us to deliver a fully functional and customisable website complete with CMS integration. With our collaborative business style, our team works closely with you throughout each step of the development process whilst also seeking your input along the way.

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Web Development

Front end web developers bring your designs to life. They take the artistic vision and user experience of the designer and turn it into a reality. Also responsible for crafting a responsive website architecture that will display critical information no matter the device. The front end web developers make sure your customers can easily order your service offering. Such as products, booking your services and consume the information you want in a clean and effective user journey.

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Web Development

Backend development is involved in the foundations of your website. This type of development is where we can control your website’s functionality. It ensures that your website connects to your database and manages your users and managers’ service offering (Such as orders and bookings).

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Web Development

A full-stack web developer is an individual who controls the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients.

Is being a web developer a good career?
If you’re passionate about programming and learning about new technologies, then being a web developer is a great career choice for you. It takes many years and patience to become a web developer, so it is not a career decision to take lightly.

While it is a difficult job, it does have many perks. There are so many opportunities open to web developers all around the world. You can work from anywhere – whether you prefer being in an office space or freelancing from home, you can find a position to suit your needs.

Web developers are in high demand, so there is excellent earning potential. For example, the average salary for a web developer in Perth is about $94,000 per year. If you choose to specialise, you could end up earning even more.

There are also no limits when it comes to this career field. You’ll need to know the basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and programming languages and database management software, but there is always room to expand. There is plenty of creativity that goes into website development so you can put your web design skills to work. If you prefer the more creative side of web development, you could become a web designer. For web designing, Sydney offers many opportunities and has average salaries of up to $79,000 per year.

Lastly, one of the top reasons working in web development is a great career choice is that new technologies, techniques and tools are released constantly. This ever-changing industry means that you will continuously learn new things and grow your skill-set to become even more successful.

What’s the difference between a web designer and web developer?
To put it simply, a web designer creates visual elements to make the website look good. They use programmes like Adobe Photoshop to produce visually pleasing features and layouts to go on the website. Web design focuses on the style, look and feel of the website and its usability. Another aspect it needs to consider is user experience so that the pages are easy and pleasant to use from the user’s perspective.

Web developers are in charge of making the page function the way it is supposed to. They develop applications and use programming languages on both the front- and back-end to turn the visual design elements into functioning web pages.

Web designers and web developers tend to have quite a different way of thinking. Designers think more creatively and out of the box, while developers are more systematic, problem-solving and logical.

Hiring a good website company, like PWD, with a complete web development team to help you set up or redesign your website and bring tremendous value to your project. Multiple people with web expertise will work together on projects to create visually pleasing and fully functioning pages.

What do you do as a web developer?
Web developers are responsible for building a site’s framework. This process is done through coding and using programming languages like JavaScript. They essentially bring the website’s design to life and ensure that everything functions exactly how it should.

Not only do they focus on creating functional websites, but they are responsible for some of the more technical aspects of the site, such as how much user traffic it can handle and its performance (speed). These aspects contribute to the site’s overall user experience, which influences its ranking in search results pages.

What web developers do specifically daily will depend on the project they are working on and its requirements. Web development tasks and services include: Liaising with the client, generating and publishing content.

Working with the design team to help build the envisioned web page, writing code to facilitate different functions on the page. Using JavaScript to program interactive elements and more.

Lastly, they need to ensure that a website is responsive on all devices. As many people search for products and services on their mobile phones, the website must function properly on all devices.

What are the different types of web developers?
There three different types of developers: front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Front-end developers take a client’s (or web designer’s) vision for a website, write the necessary code to implement it, and make a functional website.

They should be fluent in multiple coding and programming languages, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to add content to the site in a readable layout with headings and paragraphs in various colours and sizes. Front-end web development also involves adding interactive elements, like buttons and forms, onto the site.

A back-end developer deals with the site’s server and maintains the technical side of a website. They create programs and write code to power the site’s server, applications, databases, and front-end components. Back-end development can affect the site’s speed, so all the code needs to be straightforward and efficient for SEO optimisation. These developers use several different server languages to build programs, including Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby.

Full-stack developers can provide all-in-one website development. They know both front-end and back-end tools and techniques to manage the entire website building process. Smaller companies will hire a full-stack developer to get everything done as a whole web development team or company would be more expensive.
How much does a web developer cost?
Requirements for every website differ. Very complex sites with many functions and applications will cost significantly more to develop than a simple blog. This increased cost is because they would require a lot more time and effort to complete. Web developers could charge between $30 to $60 an hour for building a site, or, depending on the company, they could have a more fixed rate and give you a quote suited to the project requirements.

Basic websites could cost around $1000, more interactive websites with various functions could be between $2500 and $5000, and very complex, custom sites could cost you over $30,000.

Things that impact your project’s final cost include the number of web pages you want, flash animation features, whether you need e-commerce or CMS integration, web design, Search Engine Optimisation services, and web hosting.
What is meant by web development?
Web development refers to all the work and processes that create and maintain a website for the Internet or World Wide Web. These processes include programming, coding, web design, content development, publishing, network security, and database and server management.

The term ‘web development’ is extensive and can range from building a single web page with nothing but plain text content to developing large, complex websites, applications or e-businesses that need to function seamlessly for users.

In general, it can refer to the design of a website, the use of HTML or JavaScript to create layouts, ensure functionality, and client- and server-side scripting. However, people who work in this field will usually use ‘web development’ concerning the non-design components (like coding and programming) as ‘web design’ refers to the visual elements and layout of the web pages that users will see.
What is the purpose of web development?
The purpose of web development is to create a fully functional website so that people who search for a specific service, product or information that you offer can end up on your site and find what they are looking for.

The main goal of website development and design is to meet all of the client’s requirements for their website. These include easy navigation and interactive buttons and elements to create an excellent overall user experience and boost business.

Having a visually pleasing, easy-to-use website that loads quickly will positively impact your conversions as users will enjoy using your website. This potential impact on conversions is why web development is so important and why you should invest some time and money into building a good website.
What skills does a web developer need to have?
A lot goes into the development of a good website, but here are some of the few basic skills that developers need to have.

First and foremost, it is essential to know coding and programming languages. At the very least, they have to be fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition to code, they should know their way around the most popular CMS platforms, like WordPress.

They will also need to have good analytical skills and understand responsive design so that their sites can function properly on all devices. Adobe Photoshop is another valuable skill to have as it allows them to create logos and professional designs for their clients.

Lastly, web developers must understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to use best practices to help pages rank higher. These include considering page speed, keywords and domain credibility.

Custom web application development

Site builders are sufficient when all you want is a simple website, but these tools have significant drawbacks as these websites can’t easily customise them. Through a combination of server-side and client-side scripts, custom web applications transform rudimentary websites into something far more capable. The advantage is that they can be built to how your business works.

They offer innovative and creative ways for your users to interact with your website. Examples include shopping cart functionality, content management systems, online forms, and much more. These capabilities make it possible to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Both of which give your business a competitive advantage and contribute more to your bottom line.

Whether you need to build a custom web application or update any existing legacy systems, Perth Web Design has the expertise to create immersive experiences that your users will love.

Solutions built to high standards of quality

There is simply no room for shortcuts. The underlying code that makes up a custom website or application must meet specific standards before going live.

Otherwise, you risk potential performance and stability issues that custom web application development could have easily avoided. Investing in professional development is not only a wise investment but ultimately means more to your bottom line.

When you choose Perth Web Design for your next project, you get solutions built to the latest W3C standards. We conduct extensive performance testing throughout the whole development lifecycle, so you can be sure that your website or application build follows standardised best practices. The result is an elegant and cost-effective solution that pushes your business goals forward.

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