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Sitefinity Websites in Perth are becoming popular among enterprise businesses. They offer a customisable solution to large scale website builds. The platform offers built-in features and integrations that help developers build unique sites and offer businesses an easy-to-use interface.

Here at PWD, our developers are well-versed in Sitefinity web development and design to offer you a complete solution to your online needs. Our team can assist you with transferring your website data from another content management system to Sitefinity.

We also design Sitefinity websites in Perth from scratch to give you a unique website perfectly suited for your business. Our Sitefinity developers will assist you throughout the project and provide training to help you use the platform.


What Is Sitefinity?

Sitefinity, also known as Progress Sitefinity, is a content management system (CMS). It provides a holistic platform to host multiple websites in one place. The CMS is mobile- and user-friendly, making it easy to create, manage, and present content on your site. It is popular among enterprise businesses due to the platform’s wide range of capabilities.

Progress Sitefinity's interface allows users to drag and drop content to make and modify elements on the site. The CMS also offers several built-in components including modules, pages, templates, and widgets.

Progress Sitefinity is a popular choice amongst modern enterprise businesses since it is flexible and secure. The CMS is highly customisable. Sitefinity developers can extend and modify the functionality of almost all the modules and widgets. Developers can also add in new functions through third-party applications or by modifying the existing structure.

Sitefinity is a scalable platform providing businesses with an effective solution to drive traffic to their websites. The customisable elements give business owners the flexibility they need while their business grows and evolves.

Businesses can benefit from the far-reaching capabilities of Sitefinity as it can link to CRM systems, external web applications, and marketing automation tools. Once a site is built on the Sitefinity CMS, it can easily be handed over to clients for content management.

What is Sitefinity

Benefits Of Sitefinity Web Development

At PWD, we offer professional, tailored Sitefinity web design and development services. Here are the benefits of hiring a web developer to build your Progress Sitefinity site.

Responsive Design

Progress Sitefinity enables web designers to create unique custom designs on a highly responsive platform. We can manipulate and re-design the default widgets as needed. This ensures you have all the features you need for the success of your business.

Even with the re-designs and custom added features, Sitefinity websites are automatically adapted to offer a desktop and mobile-friendly site.

Highly Customisable

Sitefinity web developers can create a more customised website for your business. While Sitefinity offers a range of options to create various page layouts and widgets, a developer can ensure your site is completely unique. Hiring a developer ensures that your website meets the specific needs of your business and reflects your brand image perfectly.

Integration Possibilities

Web developers can seamlessly integrate features or systems into your Sitefinity site. Integrations can be quite tricky if you're trying to do them yourself. As such, hiring a developer is highly beneficial.

At PWD, we can connect your website with various existing elements and all the tools your company needs to function. This decreases gaps in your workflow and enables a smoother transition to your new website.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Hiring a web developer for your site will result in faster turn-around times. Building a site yourself can take a lot of time, effort and resources. But, with the help of our Sitefinity web developers, you can get a highly-tailored, SEO-friendly website up and running in no time.

Who Should Build With Progress Sitefinity?

Progress Sitefinity websites offer a user-friendly interface and customisation options. However, you might wonder if the services are right for your business. Here is a brief overview of who should build with this CMS.

Medium-Sized Businesses
Medium-Sized Businesses

Progress Sitefinity is a great option for medium-sized businesses. This is because the platform can cater to the company's needs as it grows and changes. The Sitefinity CMS can also be managed by various members of the company. This enables effective collaboration effort to keep all aspects of the site updated.

Enterprise Businesses
Enterprise Businesses

Enterprise businesses will benefit the most from the platform. Enlisting the help of a Sitefinity web designer and developer will allow your business to develop a large-scale website.

The extensive capabilities of the platform to integrate with third-party plugins allows the companies to seamlessly handle large amounts of data.

Sitefinity Development

Sitefinity is a headless CMS which is another reason to consider the platform for your site.

Headless Sitefinity is the separation of the front-end and back-end management. This allows the presentation of a website to remain on a separate application.

Sitefinity websites use .Net Core widgets for page layouts. Although, the page layout services can work with other front-end technologies.

The headless configuration allows Sitefinity developers to migrate the content that drives the sites to other mediums no matter what technology stacks are used for the front-end Sitefinity web design.

The latest technology on Sitefinity web development creates a flexible front-end. Users can easily share content with a wide range of enterprise apps. The headless design has a simple structure and less code. This enables designers and developers to work with better flow across the board.

Headless technology has allowed for faster development and provides users with a more efficient system. This not only benefits the company but helps to retain customers as well by improving the user experience on the front end.

Headless Sitefinity offers superior performance when compared with non-headless platforms. In addition, it offers more robust security systems and reliability. Clients who are looking for a scalable solution will receive a cost-effective method of scaling their business.

Headless Sitefinity is also a more productive system. Streamlined upgrades and stand-alone front-end applications decrease the load on resources. The productive benefits of headless Sitefinity all accumulate into a shorter time for products or services to reach the online target audience.

Sitefinity Build Process

Standard Inclusions

At PWD, clients receive more than Progress Sitefinity web development and design.

You will receive a dedicated account manager to assist you throughout the project. Clients will also receive unique custom-designed websites with no template structure.

As a specialist SEO agency, PWD provides a holistic SEO approach to each website we build. We develop Progress Sitefinity websites in Perth that are optimised for speed and mobile.

We implement extra security measures in addition to the robust security from the CMS platform. At PWD, we can assist with the set up of social media sharing links, email marketing, contact forms and Google maps integrations.

Our developers set up Google Analytics as well as Google Tag Manager Integration. We hand over each website with a training session and the promise of three months of tech support after handover.

Sitefinity Standard Inclusions

Why You Should Use Progress Sitefinity

Since there are many CMS platforms available, you may be wondering which platform is best for you. Here is a brief comparison between Sitefinity and some other popular content management systems.

Sitefinity Vs WordPress
Sitefinity Vs WordPress

Sitefinity web development is best for medium to enterprise businesses. It offers a quick solution to launch complex sites.

WordPress is better suited for smaller businesses. This is because it doesn't have as many customisation options and integration possibilities.

Sitefinity Vs Kentico
Sitefinity Vs Kentico

Sitefinity and Kentico both provide a seamless service to clients who are looking for a solution to quickly launch web pages and drive traffic.

However, Sitefinity offers more features for enterprise businesses. In addition, it offers better eCommerce capabilities.

Sitefinity Vs Sitecore
Sitefinity Vs Sitecore

While Sitecore has been around for longer, Sitefinity offers more features that may be useful for businesses. It also integrates well with more systems and applications, making it more versatile.

Sitefinity Vs Joomla
Sitefinity Vs Joomla

Sitefinity provides several integration opportunities to link the site with convenient extras. Joomla is limited when it comes to third-party integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sitefinity is used by thousands of companies. This includes well-known brands such as Coca-cola, NASA, BBC, and Microsoft. The flexibility and customisation options on the platform make it a popular choice.

Sitefinity is not open-source. Its source code is protected with some of the best security practices available. Even without open-source coding, Sitefinity offers high customisation capabilities and flexible usability.

As a headless platform, Sitefinity provides a decoupled architecture. This gives clients a balanced separation of front-end and back-end development. This provides a high level of flexibility and a short lead time to market.

Sitefinity does not have standard pricing. It creates quotes based on the specific requirements of a website.

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