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Craft is one of the most flexible content management systems available. The platform offers a simple control panel for content editing, customisable field types and content structures.

At PWD, we offer you a Craft CMS developer in Perth to build you a unique site for your business. Customers can easily take over the website once it is set up to manage content and keep the site updated. The easy-to-use platform is great for eCommerce sites.

Our Craft CMS designers are experts at building bespoke websites. At PWD, our team can create a beautiful Craft website design along with robust coding to give your website all the functionality you need to run a successful business.

What Is Craft CMS?


Craft CMS is a licensed content management system that allows developers to create flexible and custom websites for clients.

Even though the product requires licensing to use, the source code is readily available for any web developer to view. This allows for collaboration in improving the product as well as easier integrations and plugin capabilities.

Craft offers a marketplace for Craft CMS developers to source plugins and integrations. These are handled by a large community of developers.

The open-source coding allows Craft CMS designers to create exceptional custom designs for your web pages. At PWD, we help you by developing a specific website to cater to your needs.

The user-friendly content management system is popular amongst developers, designers and users. The CMS is sought-after for its flexibility, vast functionality, and simple content management abilities.

Benefits Of Craft CMS Web Development

Hiring the help of our Craft CMS developer in Perth to build your new website offers several benefits for your business. All you need to do is tell us your vision. Our team will then develop the ultimate Craft CMS website tailored specifically for your specific business.

Short Lead Time To Market

Craft CMS websites are built using the PHP framework YII2 which allows our Craft CMS developers to develop websites quickly. The architectural model offers a secure code base and Model-View-Controller for a robust and flexible web build.

With the help of a qualified Craft CMS developer, you can enjoy a high performing website with seamless integration of your existing systems and functions. This enables you to get your products or services to market without long lead times.

High-Quality Coding

The base code on the Craft CMS websites gives developers a range of features to work with. When developing a website, our team can build the necessary elements into the core of the platform. These include RESTful API support, multi-tier caching, and database query builders.

An expert Craft CMS agency like PWD is able to build a highly flexible website that is reliable and scalable. Once you take over your site, your content management team and marketers can easily keep the website updated.

Who Should Build With Craft CMS?

Depending on your business, you may be wondering if a Craft CMS website is right for you. Whether you are a freelancer or own an enterprise business, the platform is straightforward and easy to maintain.

Small To Medium Businesses

The platform offers a free plan for freelancers and small businesses to use without burdening you with hefty licensing fees. Once your website is set up by a professional Craft CMS agency, you will be able to use it with ease thanks to its intuitive design.

Medium-sized businesses will benefit from the pro plan. The cost includes extra benefits for your company to integrate your web pages with plugins and external apps.

Enterprise Businesses

Craft CMS websites are also well-suited for enterprise businesses. The pricing structure is unique to each business’s needs, so you will be quoted individually. The platform is scalable to allow Craft CMS developers to build a custom website for your unique needs.

The CMS platform is designed with three main elements for creating content: singles, channels, and structures. These three content systems allow you to easily edit content and duplicate layouts.

Singles allow developers to create once-off pages such as homepages. Channels are designed for a blog and other repeatable page layouts. Structures help to design repeatable layouts such as team pages.

Craft CMS Development

Headless Craft CMS development is the use of headless technology on the platform. A headless CMS focuses solely on content management while separating the back-end technology. This leaves the back-end coding and presentation structures to be handled separately.

Marketers and content editors can focus on content across multiple web platforms. They won’t need to be concerned about the coding that will present the content correctly.

This allows content authors to focus on content and how it should be presented without limitations. Headless technology deals with converting this content into viewable data on the desired apps.

Since headless systems are separated from the back-end structures, the system deals with fewer moving parts. This lets users worry about content without the risk of messing with the coding and structure of the site. If the developer sets up your website correctly, your content management team won’t have to worry about anything but content.

Headless Craft is cheaper in the long run. It also allows new tools, features and content to be implemented with a shorter time to market.

Expert web builders can make custom-built modules for a REST or GraphQL API to enable you to access your data. These modules offer features that are well-suited for enterprise web projects.

Craft is in the process of releasing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) upgrade to the CMS known as Craft Cloud. This new version will enable a site to be run through Craft’s headless back-end.

Standard Inclusions


When using PWD as a Craft CMS agency, you will receive more than a simple Craft site for your company. You will have a dedicated team member who manages your account throughout the process. You can speak to them about any questions or concerns.

We don’t use any templates and only offer 100% unique sites. We optimise all the websites we build to increase the PageSpeed performance while using good SEO practices.

Each site we build is compatible with all devices including mobiles. We can also integrate a live chat feature, contact forms, and Google maps into your websites.

Your project will be ready for launch once we hand over the built site. It will contain social media links to your accounts and we can set up your email marketing.

Our team also sets up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This lets you monitor the progress of each page on your site from the start.

Craft CMS offers up-to-date security measures and we add in extra security to ensure your site is completely safe and protected.

When your site is ready for launch, we offer a training session to teach your team how to update content. You will also receive three months of website tech support.

Why You Should Use Craft CMS

The CMS you choose to use on your site should depend on the needs of your business and brand. Websites powered by Drupal offer several benefits as stated above, and this is how it compares to other CMS platforms.

Craft CMS Vs WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems available. However, Craft is becoming more popular among web development agencies. WordPress offers themes and templates for designers to use as a starting base. Craft CMS designers are able to create and build sites from scratch. This allows for more creative freedom and customisability.

Craft CMS Vs Shopify

Craft and Shopify are both well-suited for eCommerce websites. Shopify is more suitable for startups with an easy template build to get projects up and running. A Craft site is better for larger enterprise companies that need a more complex build with scalability.

Craft CMS Vs Magento

Craft and Magento are both good options to build an online store. However, Craft Commerce allows you to create a custom store from scratch. On the other hand, Magento only allows you to modify a store design based on templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Craft open-source?
Craft is not open-source and requires a license to use the platform. However, the architectural coding is accessible for developers to view. This enables Craft CMS developers to easily customise elements of websites when they know the coding structure.

Who uses Craft CMS?
Craft is not as popular as other platforms as it is still relatively new. However, top companies such as Moz, Tedx, Adidas, Netflix, IKEA, Volkswagon, and Standford Research Park use the platform for their websites.

Is Craft an easy CMS to maintain?
Craft is a user-friendly intuitive platform with a more simple interface than other CMS’s. Once websites have been custom-built for a company, the content management team will enjoy a seamless experience when updating content.

What is Craft Commerce?
Craft Commerce is an eCommerce version of the Craft CMS. The version allows designers to create custom stores with useful tools and functionality. Craft Commerce is added to the usual CMS as a dedicated place to manage your eCommerce data.


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