Fast, Responsive, and Mobile-friendly websites to ensure ease of use for your customers

A mobile-first responsive
design approach

Perth Web Design offers both responsive and dedicated mobile versions of your website to ensure your website is easy to use for visitors.

No more zooming to click on menu items or being unable to view your site due to incompatible Flash programming

Mobile Responsive Websites scale and replace the existing website content depending on the device. Google’s latest page experience update penalises slow websites. Having a website designed to be fast from the ground up will help to maximise your visibility. Your website must be mobile-friendly, load quickly, and secure with an SSL certificate to take full advantage of the algorithm update.

The experience your website provides your users with is not just important for SEO but also when it comes to converting traffic. Research into website load times conducted by Google has revealed that 70% of users will leave a website with a slow load time. The study also yielded interesting website statistics that determine the average website load time is 15.3 seconds, highlighting how a fast experience for users provides a competitive advantage over competitors.

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