What Is an SEO Site Audit?

At Perth Web Design, we don’t just care about how your website looks. We care more about how it performs. An underperforming website can evidently cost your business.

Performing regular website audits is crucial for your site health and maintaining good rankings. PWD performs in-depth website audits for every client as a part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Regular SEO audits allow you to see how your web pages appear in the search results, so you can find and fix any weaknesses. An SEO audit is the best way to identify and implement improvements to help more people find your website when they search. Relevant, well-optimised sites get more traffic, and then you can use content and marketing campaigns to turn visitors into customers.

What does an SEO Site Audit Consist Of?

For those unaware of what an SEO Site Audit may consist of. A number of factors are taken into account during the site crawl to ensure your website is performing the best of its ability. These main factors include:

Free SEO Audit
What You'll Receive:

We’ll show you your website’s score and give you a percentage of how it weighs up against the other 1 billion on the web today.

Receive the number of pages crawled on your website and see whether they are Healthy, Broken, Have Issues, Redirects or Blocks.

The site audit will show you how many total errors your website has. No error is a good error!

Not as serious as Errors, but it’s best to get onto these early. The Free Site Audit will show you how many Warnings your site has currently.

This is the best part of the audit. Here you’ll discover the top 3 issues you’ll need to jump on with exact reasons pinpointing each issue.

See how many notices your website currently has and what you should NOT be doing. This means treating your website the way it wants to be treated.