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Top Selling Ecommerce Websites to Help Inspire You

pwd staff OLIVER WOOD
Oliver Wood

|31st May 2019

Starting an online store and developing a digital strategy can be intimidating. The challenge feels insurmountable if you look to behemoths like Amazon and Apple for inspiration. So don’t. Amazon has 25 years of experience and resources behind its mega eCommerce offering. You’re better off casting your attention towards smaller brands and established brands with a younger online presence.

In this post, we look at eight examples of the best ecommerce websites for you to draw actionable inspiration from. From the well-known to the under-the-radar, these companies cover a range of different products and services and should get you feeling excited rather than overwhelmed.

Tesla’s Online Store

Tesla’s online store is a credit to the medium. It’s a triumph of design and does exactly what a virtual showroom should – ignite a fantasy revolving around a car. Tesla’s homepage is as clean as the vehicle itself. Hover over the progress lines on the left side of the screen and you’ll see what the rest of the homepage contains for ease of navigation. The landing page puts a spotlight on the product.

The text above the fold highlights a key message too – the company has so much belief in its product that it’s willing to give you your money back. There’s also a central, prominently placed link to a map of physical stores in North America. Interested visitors to the site can find a nearby showroom and interact with various models. Although you can’t buy the cars online, you can purchase accessories from the site.


Luxy Hair Ecommerce Store

Luxy’s focus on social media has catapulted it to success. The hair extension brand was amongst the first to create video content for Instagram and YouTube. They recognised that people love watching videos and shared engaging tutorials showing how simple their products were to use.

Luxy’s homepage features celebrities and influencers who’ve used the product. This conveys credibility and the sense that Hollywood glamour is within reach. There are also trust-building reviews from regular customers.

All the information you could ever want about the brand is labeled at the bottom of the landing page. Concerns about the ethics of producing and selling human hair are addressed, as are any worries about whether the product damages users’ own hair.

The brand’s logo uses a decorative script font to depict elegance, but the rest of the text is in a readable San Serif font.


Kylie Jenner’s Online Cosmetic Shop

It’s difficult to list successful online stores without mentioning Kylie Cosmetics. Before she became a billionaire beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner was known as the baby sister on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the hit reality show about her family.

Cut to today. Jenner is the wealthiest member of her clan and she did it all with the help of Shopify and social media. By doing product swatches on Snapchat to already huge and invested audiences, Kylie struck influencer gold. Viewers became familiar with products without extensive advertising and the platform led straight to her online store. Product launches continue to lead to floods of traffic and items being sold out within minutes.



This brand’s secret to success lies in its copy which is laser-focused on the target market – millennial women. The messaging connects trendy affordable fashion to female empowerment. Many of Missguided’s customers are teens and students on budgets. As a result, there’s a consistent placing of discount codes and free shipping thresholds on every page. Missguided uses the Magento eCommerce platform, which makes it a good example of an alternative to Shopify.



What started out as a side hustle is now a thriving online accessory store with millions in revenue. Tattly, a purveyor of sticker-like temporary tattoos, is aimed at a niche market. The brand’s tagline is ‘Fake tattoos by real artists’ which strikes a chord with people interested in wearable art sans pain and long-term commitment. Contributing artists earn royalties and there are options for custom designs.

The brand was actually born from a desire to create better quality temporary tattoos for children and the homepage, like the product, appeals to both kids and the young at heart. Brand attributes listed on the About Us page highlight the safety of the product and its FDA-compliance. In addition, a noticeable red CTA button on the right-hand side of the screen alerts visitors to a loyalty program.



Australian brand Triangl is one of the most successful Shopify stores out there. In its first year, the company made $5 million and went on to quintuple that in year two. The brand’s growth led to an expansion of the product range – Triangl started with bikinis and now retails other types of casual beachwear.

Large photographs on the homepage transport you to the beach. Product image galleries are neatly organized and convey lots of info without cluttering the page. Hover over an item and you’ll get to see what it looks like worn. The background colour is white which makes products really pop and attract attention.



This brand likes to keep things straightforward. The company tells you what they’re all about in their name alone. They sell a kit you can wear untucked. Untuckit’s homepage gets a gold star from us for putting important information front and centre. Scroll down and you’ll see clear evidence of what makes the company’s clothing unique.

Pictures clearly illustrate that everyone is catered to, which means they have something for you. Yes, you. Hover over labels with arrows at the top of the landing page, and you’ll quickly see opportunities to get $25 off – the special is in a red typeface and stands out.



Booktopia is another Ozzie success story. Australia’s number 1 online bookstore is fully digital – there are no brick and mortar stores. With its discounts, extensive searchable database and easy-to-navigate categories, this site is a book-lover’s heaven.

The brand’s tagline ‘Australia’s Local Bookstore’ plays into feelings of patriotism, and the proud display of industry awards makes users feel like they’ve landed at the right destination. Booktopia’s turnover exceeds $100 million annually and it’s not hard to see why.