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The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In it’s most elementary sense, it is the key process that will help your company’s website stand out from the crowd. When used effectively, SEO will improve your visibility on crucial online platforms. In turn, this will lead to increased traffic and bigger sales figures.

With over one billion active websites in existence, gaining a strong presence is vital. Most consumers will regularly turn to Google and other search engines when starting their web searches. In truth, gaining a strong foothold on this market is imperative to any digital business. Mastering SEO is the only way to achieve that aim.

In contrast to other digital marketing strategies, it is an organic method. Perfecting your SEO won’t only give the company a short-term boost. More importantly, it will provide a lasting impact on your web presence.

The inner workings of those strategies can become quite complicated. But the most important factor is that you realise just how crucial smarter SEO is to your business.

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Gaining an increased web presence
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Pull your customers BACK into your orbit

Most internet users naturally link a strong search engine presence with trust and reliability. Therefore, ranking highly on these platforms will give you an edge over your competitors. It’s not simply a case of being seen by more people, better SEO will also improve your chances of completing the sale. For that reason alone, it’s imperative that you get those elements perfected.

An increased SEO ranking will increase the level of traffic entering your site. Perhaps more importantly, though, it can have a telling impact to offline sales too. Smartphone searches finally became more common than computer searches in 2015, which means most people are now using portable devices to access data. As such,
consumers will often turn to Google when stuck for a specific product or service. If your company returns top of the results, you’ll have a fantastic chance of gaining an offline customer. Not bad eh? Especially from an online venture.

A strong search engine presence doesn’t only boost your opportunities for impressing customers. The outcomes can also have a telling influence on your ability to strike rewarding partnerships with other companies. Networking is key to business, and those benefits should not be forgotten when targeting improved SEO.

Essentially, a better SEO strategy will elicit a more professional brand image while actively increasing traffic both online and offline. What more could you ever ask for?


The best SEO results
WE ARE Navigation specialists

At Perth Web Design, we understand that no two businesses are the same. We actively celebrate the unique DNA of you company, and use that to spearhead those SEO Strategies accordingly. After all, the only true route to success is one that works for your specific needs. Achieving the best SEO results isn’t a simple case of striving for a bigger web presence. Understanding your specific goals in business vital. There are many elements to consider, and we can help you work through them. After all, it’s impossible to achieve your dreams if you don’t first equip yourself with a clear vision.

One of the most pertinent questions is whether you are looking to target a global audience or a localised one. These two goals are achieved through contrasting strategies. This is why gaining direction is so important.

Similarly, SEO plans may be slightly affected by the age or gender of your key demographic. Those elements will not impact the strategies quite like the battle between local and global. Nevertheless, it is important to have a distinct idea of what you’re aiming for. Otherwise, results will always be limited.

Nevertheless, it is important to have a distinct idea of what you’re aiming for. Otherwise, results will always be limited. With our help, you won’t only gain a deeper appreciation of your goals. More crucially, you’ll be able to work your way towards achieving those goals.

Know your DIGITAL space
Strategies that create real results

SEO marketing can be broken down into various subsections. It requires a very deep understanding of the subject to gain the very best results. That’s why your best bet is to trust experienced professionals. Only then will you use the best methods aimed at gaining the outcomes you desire.

Before worrying about individual strategies, you must first appreciate the importance of choosing wisely. First and foremost, you need to select the best methods because it’s the only way to see positive outcomes.

SEO is a crucial element for building a strong online presence, and no company cannot afford to ignore the need for it. However, it’s important to remember that this is still a marketing investment. As with any other marketing strategy, you want to gain positive outcomes in the most cost-effective manner. Selecting the best methods will give you a far better return on investment.

Increased ROI will inevitably benefit other aspects of the company. Furthermore, it should give you more leverage for future expansion.

What Methods can be used?

Given that different SEO strategies can be tailored to achieve varying results, it should come as no surprise that there are various methods to be utilised. We are committed to finding the very best solutions for your website and business. This includes using a combination of on-site and off-site plans.

With long-term aspirations in mind, we tend to focus on white hat SEO strategies. This basically means that we’re looking for those organic factors that will bring lasting benefits. The bulk of our attention is cast towards human interaction rather than the aggressive black hat ideologies. Black hat strategies tend to disregard the search engine practices, opting for excessive keyword stuffing and invisible test. This can be great for short-term success, but can bring negative long-term impacts.

We’re dedicated to helping you build a website that will see lasting results. Here are just some of the strategies we use


When consumers are searching for specific products and services, they will usually use specific terms. For example, they might search for ‘cheap web hosting’. As far as your website’s content is concerned, embracing those keywords and phrases is vital.

While you want to avoid the aggressive black hat strategy, it’s imperative that pages are focused towards those terms. How else is a customer meant to find your business if your content doesn’t show them that you offer what they’re looking for?

Whether it’s pages, content or any other element, getting this aspect perfected will provide a solid foundation for your SEO plans.

Content Writing:

The internet is a worldwide portal of information, and we all use it to access content on a daily basis. Quite frankly, quality content is the focal point behind any great website. And our experts are fully focused on using it to enhance your web presence.

Quality content isn’t only vital for using keywords and terms. Readability is a focal point for retaining the attention of your visitors. Meanwhile, creating work pages that have high share-ability can help improve your web presence on social media and search engines. After all, the growth of Twitter and other platforms have completely changed the internet in recent times.

Of course, design aspects are important to the website. But as far as your visibility is concerned, content is king. We’ll get yours fit for online royalty to ensure that your web presence is great.

Link Building

Networking is crucial to building a great presence in the offline business world. Guess what, it plays a crucial role to online activities too. Building links to your website will see its popularity on Google shoot through the roof. In truth, it could be the secret weapon to gaining the online presence you desire.

Essentially, creating links means getting other websites to post content that contains a URL link or keyword targeted at your website. This is an organic strategy that search engines absolutely love. A little effort here goes a very long way to boosting those rankings.

As well as encouraging indirect traffic, those external links could bring direct customers too. In essence, it has to be considered a major part of any SEO marketing plan. More importantly, we have the contacts to build high authority links, which means those results will be even more impressive.

Image Optimisation

They say that a picture paints one thousands words. We’re not quite sure about that, but optimising those elements can certainly have a positive influence on your SEO strategies.

This is an aspect that many websites fail to master. Therefore, getting positive results on your website can give you a huge edge over the competition. When combined with the text elements and external influences, you cannot go far wrong.

It’s all about completing a full service, and this can often provide the finishing touches. We do use other strategies to enhance the overall scheme. When brought together as a package, your website should jump up to the first page of Google before you know it.





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