SEO Penalty Assessment Services

SEO Penalty Assessment Services

We get asked this question on a regular basis. One day your site is ranking and the next it is nowhere to be found in the search results. If this describes your current situation, your site may have been hit with a ranking penalty.

Oliver Wood
Oliver Wood

How to Recover Your Rankings

“What happened to my rankings?”

We get asked this question on a regular basis.

One day your site is ranking and the next it is nowhere to be found in the search results.

If this describes your current situation, your site may have been hit with a ranking penalty.

Google frequently releases major updates to its ranking algorithm (e.g. Panda and Penguin) to deliver more relevant results. These changes often have extensive effects on the search results and your site could be on the receiving end. If you have seen a sizable decrease in traffic and sales, your site has likely been hit with a penalty.

Doing nothing is the absolute worst thing you could do.

The best approach is to conduct an in-depth analysis to identify areas that are falling short of Google’s best practices and to implement a strategy that fixes those issues. The good news is that penalties are rarely permanent as there are a set of steps you can take to regain previously lost rankings.

This is where Perth Web Design come in.

If your site has been penalised by Google, we can help.

What Our SEO Penalty Assessment Services Include

Our SEO penalty assessment services are aimed at regaining lost traffic and rankings as quickly as possible. The first priority is to identify those areas that could be causing your rankings to tank. Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis and provide a detailed assessment of issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Helping your site recover from a ranking involves auditing the following aspects:

  • Content: We check for anything that might be violating Google’s on-page guidelines from hidden links to duplicate content. Over optimisation is a common issue so we evaluate all pages for keyword spamming and hidden text, then we work on strategies to address those issues. All errors such as page titles, meta descriptions, and URL semantics are corrected within the first month.
  • Link analysis: Links continue to carry weight in the ranking algorithm but not all links are the same. Poor quality links from spammy sources can actually end up doing more harm than good to your pages. We conduct a backlink audit and work on building credible citations to your site from relevant sources. Most SEO companies do this incorrectly but we take a strategic approach.
  • Site structure: One factor that is often overlooked is page navigation. A poor structure makes it difficult for visitors to find the information they are looking for which then can lead to higher bounce rates (percentage of visitors who leave). Our creative team works on optimising the customer journey and user experience of your site for even better conversions.
  • Technical: How your site operates is equally important as the factors above. Issues from crawling errors to slow loading times not only reduce rankings but also impact conversion rates. Our audits reveal any technical issues plaguing your site such as messy code or even mobile issues.

So how long until we can help you recover your rankings?

The amount of time it takes to recover from a penalty depends on a number of factors. More severe cases of spammy link building or questionable tactics could take longer to recover from. After conducting an extensive assessment, we can quote a more accurate time estimate.

Get Started Today

Google penalties are all too common. We cannot count the number of times where business owners have latched onto the latest marketing schemes only for it completely backfire. We understand how frustrating it can be to lose rankings overnight. But the reality is that there are no tricks to ranking on the first page, only hard work and an effective SEO strategy.

If your site has been hit with a ranking penalty due to poor efforts by a previous SEO company, there is still a silver lining. With our SEO penalty assessment services our experts are able to identify the root cause of the issue. Whether your site has been crippled by a recent algorithm update or a manual one, we implement a proven strategy to regain your rankings.

Call us today on 1300 432 215 to schedule a free consultation with our team and to learn more about our SEO penalty assessment services in Perth.

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