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WooCommerce: The most popular E-Commerce platform for WordPress

PWD is a WordPress website design and development agency providing our customers with an optimal service experience from start to finish

From conceptualisation to final delivery, our highly skilled designers will work side by side with you to make your vision a reality, from scratch, with no shortcuts!

What is WooCommerce?

Launched in 2011, WooCommerce is an open-source third-party application used frequently by businesses in the e-commerce world. The WooCommerce plug-in enables you to sell digital or physical products, manage inventory and shipping, as well as secure payment and taxes automatically whilst remaining affordable and accessible to both you and the Customer.

Created by Automattic, a branch of WordPress itself, it has been made specifically for WordPress users and is designed to enhance your website’s effectiveness and efficiency.

With this exciting addition to WordPress’ core functionalities, it is now imperative for WordPress website design and development agencies to focus on customised WooCommerce web design. We aim to create a personalised website experience for your customers, encouraging them to engage with your product or service.

Thanks to its flawless WordPress integration, WooCommerce is becoming more popular among business owners and web developers. It now powers approximately 30% of all online businesses.

A leader in its field, WooCommerce allows endless development flexibility by granting you access to a wide variety of alternative free and premium WordPress extensions to grow your brand, making it an ideal platform for your business.

Why WooCommerce

1. Made for developers, by developers

WooCommerce attributes its success to several factors, one of them being its commitment to developers. Built by more than 350 developers globally, it is made for developers by developers, making it highly functional and comprehensive.

WooCommerce is an open-source plug-in accessible to developers across the world, sharing the same fundamentals as WordPress. This accessibility means there is no need for a specialised WooCommerce agency.

Our expert in-house designers create WooCommerce web designs focused on Optimising your business’s online presence and bottom line, which makes our job at PWD exciting. It allows us to create distinctive, unique and dynamic WooCommerce web designs for your business while remaining affordable with the same digital reach.

Our WooCommerce developers can adapt this interface to suit your needs, creating a website that embodies your brand and, at the same time, optimises your business’s position in the eCommerce industry.

Through WooCommerce, your business will also gain access to over 400 official extensions, ranging from marketing, accounting, payments and shipping, making it highly versatile and valuable.

Attention to detail is an integral factor in any web design or development process. With WooCommerce, every detail is documented methodically, allowing us to create a WooCommerce web design that is adaptable and subject to review with ease.

2. Created to sell any product, any time

WooCommerce experts hail its ability to sell any product on the market, whether it is a physical product to be shipped, a digital product to be downloaded, or even both. This flexibility allows our WooCommerce web designs to remain focused on selling your product to your consumers, at their convenience and with ease.

WooCommerce also permits linkage between associated products, providing a link for customers to a suggested purchase. This feature allows us to effectively redirect your Customer to products and services linked to your business, increasing your bottom line across the board. The options are limitless when it comes to WooCommerce.

Our WooCommerce web designs feature the necessary extensions and plug-ins relative to your business, optimising your site’s aesthetic whilst maintaining optimum functionality and continuing to impact your bottom line positively. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is built into our WooCommerce websites, as it is vital for any eCommerce store.

3. Consumer Focused

At PWD, you are our priority. Creating something functional and true to your brand is of utmost importance to us throughout the entire process. Through WooCommerce, we can further enhance the reputation placed on you, our Customer.

Our WooCommerce web designs are customised to your needs, ensuring that your customers can easily navigate your site. Well implemented search engine optimisation (SEO) through site structure, metadata optimisation, and website performance will help your customers find your website on Google. WooCommerce provides username and passwords options that are easy to use, as well as returning customer login reminders, ensuring your customers can return your site with little to no effort on their part.

The Customer is always right, and this is even more important in the e-commerce world. Our WooCommerce web designs ensure that your customers can connect with you as well as return products effortlessly.

Our WooCommerce web designs aim to smoothly guide your Customer through your site by adding search options, product description tags, as well as displaying items relevant to their search history. We aim to keep your Customer on your site for as long as possible and make it almost impossible for them not to stop and shop.

4. Easily managed and customised interface

For any business, being able to track and manage your stock is imperative. Our WooCommerce web designs ensure that you have full access and management of all these processes. We include customer notes, stock edits and tracking, allowing you to manage any aspect of the online process.

Our WooCommerce web designs allow you to notify your customers directly and grant your team access to management roles without making them an admin.

5. Security

The safety and security of your business and customers is a priority at PWD. All of our WooCommerce web designs are created with optimal security from inception.

We are committed to ensuring your website’s privacy and safety by constantly reviewing and updating your site, automatically providing updates and patches to ensure the highest level of security.

These minor updates and patches ensure that your site can recognise viruses or malware, preventing your website from malfunctioning or crashing.

Third Party Extensions and Integration

In the e-commerce world, third-party extensions are a non-negotiable feature. Third-party extensions, such as WooCommerce, enhance your website by providing additional functionality, making your website experience more streamlined and accessible to your user.

At PWD, we focus on integrating any third-party applications seamlessly into your web interface. As WooCommerce becomes more prominent in the e-commerce industry, we are committed to providing you with dynamic and effective WooCommerce web design.

What sets our web design services ahead of the rest is our highly skilled staff, comprising website designers and developers with a wide variety of specialities, including WordPress website designers. Whatever the project, we want to make sure your website meets your every expectation, visually and functionally.

Our lead designer has worked in the industry for around two decades, with brands such as Macy’s, Red Bull and PlayStation. We consider ourselves one of the premium full-service agencies on the market. When it comes to web design, at PWD, our focus is on your needs and delivering a final product that is efficient with a unique visual appeal, encouraging optimum engagement with your brand.