Why Cosmetic Surgeons in Perth Need SEO

Why Cosmetic Surgeons in Perth Need SEO

A strong online presence is a must for any business owner.

More people are turning online for all kinds of information. One study from Google found that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local businesses. A large majority of searches with local intent are done on mobile devices.


If someone is searching for a product or service, they don’t have the time to scroll through pages and pages of listings. In fact, they are much more likely to click on one of the top results and most rarely click past the first page. SEO is invaluable in this case as it optimises various aspects of your site to rank higher in search.

It involves:

  • Conducting keyword research
  • Optimising your content to increase visibility
  • Creating quality links to your pages
  • Addressing potential technical issues
  • Measuring the results

It all comes together to give your practice a huge advantage in the search results.

Here we look at some of the reasons why cosmetic surgeons in Perth need SEO.

Drives More Targeted Traffic

Your website is live with landing pages that detail your services.

But now there is only one thing missing: Traffic.

It is simply not enough to have an amazing website so you need to take steps to market it. With Google processing billions of queries a day, it makes sense to go where the traffic is. Potential patients are more than likely using search to find services that your practice offers.

Ranking for those keywords can practically guarantee a steady of traffic to your site. But your site needs to rank at least in the top three results. Most seach engine results rarely click past the first page.

Builds Your Credibility

SEO is a powerful tool for building credibility with your target market.

When visitors conduct relevant searches and see your site appear in the top listings, it builds rapport and establishes credibility. Visitors landing on your page can learn more about your practice offers and get in touch to learn more.

But one important factor is how your site looks.

People tend to trust sites that are professionally designed. If your site is poorly designed or has a layout that makes it difficult for visitors to find what they are looking, they will likely click out in frustration. So even if you have higher rankings, you won’t be able to build credibility unless you have a well designed site.

Delivers a Competitive Advantage

A search for “cosmetic surgeon Perth” yields over 1,900,000 results:

Cosmetic Surgeons in Perth

Each site is competing for keywords that you are also targeting.

Each click is potentially worth quite a bit of money so you can bet that your competitors are doing everything they can to rank their pages. Even though a strong online presence drives targeted traffic, the reality is that most websites don’t have a strategy in place.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy or working with a reputable agency gives your practice a strong competitive advantage online. Higher rankings for your keywords means that more visitors are landing on your website versus competing sites.

Ensures Adherence to All Best Practices

The search landscape is constantly changing. Practices that were once effective before could now get your site penalised or even removed completely from the search results.

Some examples include:

Stuffing your content with as many keywords as possible

Building thousands of links using automated links

Creating pages that provide little to no value

Using sneaky redirects

Such tactics may have worked before but they are largely obsolete. Google strives to deliver the most relevant results and sites that fail to meet certain expectations will suffer in the search results. An investment in SEO means navigating the search terrain and adhering to all best practices such as the most recent mobile update.


If you are a cosmetic surgeon in Perth, SEO can be hugely beneficial. Ranking in the top results can ultimately bring more targeted traffic to your pages and increase the number of referrals to your practice. A strong online presence also helps your practice build credibility as well as gain a strong competitive advantage online.