Weekly Website Take-Offs – 9th March

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 9th March 2018


Fuller Fitness 

Website: www.fullerfitness.com.au

Problem: Matt Fuller from Fuller Fitness came to Perth Web Design wanting a whole new site rebuild. Their old website was outdated and needed a modern and branded kick!

Solution: We created a standard website which was heavily branded with Fuller Fitness’s colours. It featured a range of different elements such as timetables, a gallery page and a contact form. The original site was very content heavy, however, it was all important information which needed to be kept. To fix this issue, a whole new sitemap was integrated to allow the content to be spread evenly across the site without making it not look too flooded.
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Griffin Valuation Advisory

Website: www.griffinval.com.au

Problem: Believe it or not, Griffin Valuation Advisory had the same website for 10 years! This says it all. They were needing a whole site refresh. Their old one looked as if it was built on Windows 98! All Griffin Valuation Advisory requested was to create something that was in trend, professional and a reflection of what they are as a company.

Solution: The website we built speaks for itself. It’s on brand, powerful, and modern which screams professional. We gave it a facelift with Griffin’s signature orange and kept it extremely Perth focused by incorporating a range of Perth based imagery featuring Elizabeth Quay, UWA, Perth Airport and much more. It even features a looped video of Perth’s skyline on the contact page.

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Website: www.geobox.com.au

Problem: The team over at Geobox have a solution for everything when it comes to working on the road. However, we were happy to provide them with a solution for a new website. They were needing a website which helped showcase their full range of products as well as there services. With a list of solutions and product categories longer than the line for a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, an e-commerce site was the most logical way to showcase their digital brand.

Solution: We created a standard full-width website with an e-commerce store all while giving it a digital facelift along the way. The new site has a range of features such an account login, contact forms, a cart plus much more. The e-commerce store had to be structured in a way which categorised each product carefully which allowed easy navigation between Geobox’s products (as there were so many). In addition, each product page was also packed with a bunch of information through manuals, videos and related items.

[device link=”https://griffinval.com.au/” type=”macbook” scroll=”true”]twdc[/device]