Weekly Website Take-Offs – 5th Feb

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 5th Feb



Website: https://papertanks.com.au

Imagine a library that’s not filled with boring books and books missing a bunch of pages. Well, PaperTanks is the complete opposite. They’re a full online resource where students can upload their papers and academic material and PaperTanks makes it immediately available to other students. The catch? Students get paid in cold hard cash each time their papers are downloaded! How good is that?!

Problem: PaperTanks didn’t have a dashboard for users. Their customer base wasn’t able to access any of their prior purchases, their own updates docs, purchase information, earnings etc. Their homepage design was also lacking effectiveness and engagement.

Solution: We completed a full home page redesign bringing elements from the design through the rest of the website. Dashboard integration was also implemented which offers their customers tracking of documents, financials, and an integrated rating system.

[device link=”https://papertanks.com.au” type=”macbook” scroll=”true”]twdc[/device]

Hotties 2U

Website: https://www.hotties2u.com.au

Don’t let their name fool you! Hotties 2U are the go to guys for hot water systems so you can get the ‘steamy’ water your hot water system may not give you any more. Operating in both Perth & Sydney, they can send you the correct hot water system for your needs, direct to your door. Most importantly, they can do this on the same day if you contact them before 10AM.

Problem: Hotties 2U wasn’t sure where to go with their site. All they knew at first is that they wanted an e-commerce site with separate multi pricing for separate states. We gave them the direction they needed and worked with their fun branding.

Solution: We created a product-based e-commerce website with a fun, subtle, and cheeky flair to it. The e-commerce page featured a refinement & filter system for easy navigation due to their extensive list of hot water systems. We also implemented separate state multi pricing as requested controlled by an interactive map when customers first visit the site.


Hello Grief

Website: https://www.hellogrief.com.au

Hello Grief Be My Friend is a novel by Robina Haines which is basically a life lesson on seeking light at the end of a dark road. In a split second Robinas life was turned upside down. Her happy life turned to one of utter despair, confusion, anger, and grief. It explores the journey of love, loss, courage, hope, and gratitude of life. This is a book to remind us all how precious life is and to embrace every day.

Problem: Robina didn’t have a website for her book and wanted to make a strong digital impact.

Solution: We supplied Robina with a single one-page website which featured an ordering system and blog. It featured heavy movement while scrolling down the page.