Weekly Website Take-Offs – 16th Feb

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 16th Feb

My Coffee Cat

Website: https://www.mycoffeecat.com.au/

My Coffee Cat are mobile local legends serving locally roasted coffee out of there professionally fitted out ute. They only run on top quality equipment and guarantee the exact tamp in pressure and dosage, which all contributes to that perfect cup of coffee. If you aren’t a coffee drinker they also offer hot chocolate, chai latte, and teas!

Problem: My Coffee Cat needed a new website to reflect their brand identity, with a more effective way to convey their brand’s vivid colours to get noticed on the road! They had a logo already and asked us to work our magic to create something special.

Solution: We created a single page website with an easy to navigate menu and section to show the ins and outs of their operation. A booking system was also added to enable customers to inquire about booking My Coffee Cat for functions/events.
[device link=”https://www.mycoffeecat.com.au/” type=”macbook” scroll=”true”][/device]

Thumper Massage

Website: https://www.thumpermassage.com.au/

Who doesn’t love a massage right? Well, Thumper massage is sure to give you the sports massage and deep tissue treatment your muscles have been longing for. A Thumper Massage offers a steady relaxing massage that penetrates through all the muscle layers releasing tension and fatigue. It’s super simple, they can come to you at no extra cost or you can go to them. Trust us, you have to book a Thumper Massage ASAP!

Problem: Like many small product startups. Thumper Massage had an awesome product, but didn’t yet have the online presence! The first step? A website which showcased the Thumper product to make that digital impact!

Solution: The perfect solution was a one-page scrollable website! Perth Web Design created a one-page website which included a booking system and sections such as product overview, services plus much more exhibiting the benefits a Thumper Massage can really give you. Go have a look!

[device link=”https://www.thumpermassage.com.au/” type=”macbook” scroll=”true”]twdc[/device]

Ray Tech Gel

Website: https://raytechgel.com.au/

Ray Tech is no stranger to the electrical cable industry. Now operating for over 20 years and based near Milano, Italy, they’re the company with the widest range of accessories and components for electrical cables in the world in terms of production. However, Ray Tech undertake operations located here right in WA!

Problem:  Ray Tech already had sites for a range of different countries. However, they didn’t yet have one for their booming Australian market. An Australian based website was needed which was similar to their overseas websites however showcased products available for their Aussie clients.

Solution: Perth Web Design created an on brand and modern website which focused heavily on their catalogue section. This catalogue section consisted of high-quality product images, descriptions, features and additional attached PDF’s which provided more in-depth information.

[device link=”https://raytechgel.com.au/” type=”macbook” scroll=”true”]twdc[/device]


Motus Architecture

Website: https://motus.net.au/

The crew people over at Motus are a young and innovative practice. They’ve been bringing new and fresh ideas to all their projects for now over a crazy 40 years! The Motus team have a very diverse and accomplished team providing both cutting-edge designs and practical construction methods with professional management services. They definitely know their stuff! Have a look through their projects page for proof. Our personal favourite project? The 19 Douro apartments!

Problem: Motus Architecture approached Perth Web Design seeking a website upgrade. They wanted their site to be mainly project and service featuring a large number of images which obviously showcased their high standard of work.

Solution: Creating a website that matched Motus’s quality of architecture was always going to be a challenge. But who doesn’t mind a challenge every now and then? We created a simple yet sophisticated site which featured subtle hints of Motus’s shade of blue. It also featured a large number of high res images which were used as hero elements. However, the Project page is where a lot of the effort went into. Its clean approach flaunts their refined and stylish designs allowing viewers to get drawn in and captivated.

[device link=”https://motus.net.au/” type=”macbook” scroll=”true”][/device]