Weekly Website Take-Offs - 14th May


Oliver Wood

Weekly Website Take-Offs - 6th April 2018

Aim Dental

Website: www.aimdental.com.au

Problem:  A good dentist is a little picky, but a GREAT dentist never gets on your nerves. Aim Dental is a perfect example, they were a pleasure to deal with and we highly recommend you go get a checkup from them ASAP! They previously had a bad experience with their previous web hosts, so they came to us here at Perth Web Design seeking transparency and an injected spark into their new website. They were needing a new website which highlighted their practices and services.

Solution: Perth Web Design came to the rescue and made a heavily branded and clean website which looked as if it just came from the dentist. Being fairly content heavy for a service website, we decided to focus heavily on their services page and ended up creating a super sleek & educational page. Another cool function we created was a geographically focused contact form. Aim Dental have multiple locations so to make sure a customers client form went to their closest practice, our contact form allowed customers to choose their closest location. Dentists really do brighten up the world with one smile at a time, so make sure you pay a visit to Aim Dental to keep those pearly whites clean.

[device link="https://www.aimdental.com.au/" type="macbook" scroll="true"]1[/device]


Jarrahdale Heating

Website: www.jhmidvale.com.au

Problem: Jarrahdale Heating already had a parent Site. However, they were needing a one-pager for their Midvale premises.

Solution: Oh boy do we love this site! Us here at Perth Web Design feel as if we created a one-page beauty, sort of like Daryl Braithwaite felt when he finished Horses. It didn't feature any bells & whistles, just straight to the point goodness with a well thought out layout which allowed an effortless browsing experience. So if you don't want to go freezing this winter, head over to their site!

[device link="https://www.jhmidvale.com.au/" type="macbook" scroll="true"]2[/device]


Website: www.waco.org.au

Problem:  Waco was having a bad experience with their previous web developers and came to Perth Web Design seeking an effortless solution for them. We're super happy and thankful to deal with an organization like them.

Solution: We ended up building them a fully functional large website featuring a donations payment gateway. Waco was wanting a site they can easily maintain and edit the content on it by themselves so we ensured a backend which was super simple and functional for easy maintenance.

[device link="https://www.waco.org.au/" type="macbook" scroll="true"]3[/device]


Integrated Radiology

Website: www.integratedradiology.com.au

Problem: Integrated Radiology didn't have a website and came to Perth Web Design wanting a digital address.

Solution: We ended up crafting a super compact website. It looked small from at first but we packed with educational content to ensure clients knew the great services that Integrated Radiology can offer.

[device link="https://integratedradiology.com.au/" type="macbook" scroll="true"]4[/device]