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If you want to create a government website that is secure, modern and accessible, you need a qualified GovCMS web developer.

At PWD, we’re proud to be one of Perth’s few qualified GovCMS web design and development agencies.

Together, we can team up to help your local government agency create a stellar website that is not just pleasing to the eye but that enhances efficiency and improves your reputation.

What Is GovCMS?


GovCMS is a powerful content management system (CMS) based on the popular Drupal 7 core.

The CMS platform comes with various extras, such as mobile-ready themes, handy modules, libraries, and installation profiles specific to Australian government websites.

At PWD, we use GovCMS to create government websites that are quick and easy to update. You won’t waste any time getting your important messages out.

With its rich “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) content editor, it’s easy for anyone to update and publish content within minutes!

If you want to join hundreds of Australian government departments using this system, contact our qualified GovCMS web developers today.

PWD is a preferred web design company for governments because of our commitment to prompt delivery, exceptional service and variety of standard inclusions.

When you partner with our professional GovCMS web developers in Perth, you’ll get treated to all of the following standard inclusions and more.

Standard Inclusions

1. A Dedicated Account Manager
No two government departments are ever the same. That’s why we assign a competent account manager to accompany you through every step of GovCMS website development.

This dedicated account manager will communicate your needs to the development team. They will also ensure that you end up with an efficient, excellent website that perfectly suits your requirements.

2. 100% Custom Design
At PWD, we don’t believe in using themes. Since every city, town and government is different, every website should reflect that uniqueness.

Our GovCMS developers will always create a government website that reflects your particular style, values and mission while incorporating all the functionality you need.

3. Built For Speed
Gone are the days of government websites taking ages to load. Not only does this give residents a terrible experience, but your reputation sinks along with the website.

So, when our GovCMS web developers create a government website, they do it with speed in mind.

Residents and your staff will enjoy working with a lightning-fast, optimised website that delivers a seamless user experience time after time.

4. SEO
At PWD, we are SEO experts. We will ensure your GovCMS site is built with good SEO practices to make your agency more accessible online.

5. Mobile-Responsive
Today, it’s pretty standard that most residents will access government websites via their mobile devices.

So, our GovCMS developers ensure that every website we build is mobile responsive. This means that no matter what device someone is using to access your site, it will function seamlessly.

6. Live Chat Features
Our qualified developers can use GovCMS to add a live chat feature to your government website. This feature allows your staff to quickly and effectively help residents find vital information online.

7. Additional Security
Malicious hackers often try to attack government websites in the hopes of stealing valuable data.

The combined power of GovCMS, Drupal 7 core, and our qualified web developers in Perth will ensure that your local government website is secure and protected at all times.

8. Setting Up Your Essentials
Our PWD web developers will assist you in getting the most out of your website.

We’ll assist you with setting up various essential tools – from installing Google Analytics to helping you with email marketing and social media sharing links.

9. Contact Forms With Google Maps
With every GovCMS website, we include contact forms and Google Maps. Having these will make it easier for residents to get a hold of your department, providing them with a better experience.

10. Training Session And 3-Months Support
Of course, helping you master your new website is just as crucial as actually developing your new GovCMS site.

So, we include a free training session and further 3-months support with every GovCMS website we develop. This service ensures that you have all the knowledge and time to confidently master your new website.

Benefits Of GovCMS Web Development

Made for Australia

The unique GovCMS platform comes with everything that makes it perfect for Australian governments. For instance, GovCMS is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2 compliant.

This compliance ensures that anyone can access critical information online, including people with disabilities.

GovCMS also follows best design practices, as policymakers outlined in the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard. So, your new website will consistently deliver a simple and fast public service.

Powered by Drupal

GovCMS uses the powerful Drupal 7 core as a foundation. Since Drupal is supported worldwide and open-source software, constant updates improve this CMS platform.

The popularity of the Drupal 7 core also means that GovCMS is flexible and scalable. A qualified GovCMS web developer can effortlessly create any size of website with it.

Improved Security

Today, online security is a top concern for governments worldwide. The same rings true here in sunny Australia.

Our web developers use GovCMS to provide governments with an easy-to-use web platform that comes with exceptional security measures.

Add in Drupal’s notable security features and you end up with a website that will keep your critical data safe from malicious attackers.

Who Should Build With GovCMS?

At PWD, we help local governments enter the forefront of the digital age.

Our professional GovCMS web developers in Perth assist local governments to quickly and easily launch a unique website.

Since GovCMS is incredibly scalable, governments and departments of any shape and size can benefit from a custom-designed GovCMS website.

If you’d like to learn more about how our professional GovCMS web developers can help you design the perfect GovCMS website, then get in touch with us today.

Why You Should Use GovCMS

GovCMS is a purpose-built website that caters specifically to governments of any shape and size.

It’s an impressive content management system that helps your government agency communicate with residents in a modern, accessible manner.

Get started with GovCMS today by getting in touch with our qualified web developers and designers.


GovCMS vs. WordPress: GovCMS comes with tools focused on government institutions and departments. On the other hand, WordPress is a CMS that caters more to blogs and small to medium-sized businesses.

GovCMS vs. Kentico: GovCMS is far more scalable and flexible than Kentico. While Kentico is an excellent CMS for users on a budget, it lacks the purpose-built tools that make GovCMS superior for governments.

GovCMS vs. Umbraco: GovCMS is fully customisable. It’s also capable of meeting the unique requirements that government agencies usually require. Umbraco, on the other hand, has very limited customisation options.

GovCMS vs. Joomla: GovCMS is a straightforward, powerful CMS. Joomla is an open-source content management system that lacks the publishing tools and security that government websites require.

GovCMS Websites Perth Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses GovCMS?
Over 300 Australian governments and departments use GovCMS. Some prominent users are the Australian Department of Health, the Department of Defense and even the Minister for Industrial Relations.

Does GovCMS have a drag-and-drop feature?
Yes, GovCMS comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature. This feature makes it easy to update content and make changes to your government website quickly.

What can I do with the GovCMS platform?
GovCMS allows you to publish news, publications, promotions, events and even media releases with minimal effort. It also offers visitors superior search functionality, helping them find relevant information faster.

Is GovCMS safe to use?
GovCMS is perfectly safe to use. Security measures include features inherited from the Drupal 7 core platform. Our experienced developers will also help you improve the security of your website.


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