JavaScript SEO Services

JavaScript coding creates dynamic and interactive web pages for e-commerce websites and other interactive platforms. However, with this comes new hurdles in terms of JavaScript SEO as search engine crawlers need to navigate complex JavaScript coding.

This is why you need top-quality JavaScript SEO services from an industry-leading SEO company. At PWD, we offer our clients a full site audit. We can identify any JavaScript SEO issues and put a strategy in place to ensure your site is search-friendly.

We know all the ins and outs of how Google processes JavaScript. So, we know how to optimise your site and JavaScript framework so that it's SEO-friendly.


What Is JavaScript SEO?

A quick guide to JavaScript

JavaScript is an element of technical search engine optimisation (SEO). It aims to ensure that JavaScript elements are easy to crawl, render, and index. The goal is the same as any other SEO - to ensure that:

  • the site is user-friendly
  • has fast web page load times, and
  • ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs)

The main difference between JavaScript and other technical SEO elements is the complexity. JavaScript involves is a more advanced SEO as it's quite different to standard practices. SEO experts have the responsibility of checking whether a JavaScript site promotes a good user experience (UX) as well as being search engine friendly.

JavaScript SEO is difficult as bots can’t crawl and index this coding language as easily as HTML and CSS. The result is that JavaScript elements aren’t indexed at the same time as the rest of your site.



Search engine bots, like the Googlebot, crawl your website and index the other elements while JavaScript elements are sent to a new crawl queue. While upgrades to search bots have reduced this wait time, crawling, rendering, and indexing can still take a long time.

To see page content, search engines need to render the websites as a browser would so that they can analyse how users view them. Google uses a system called Web Rendering Service (WRS) for rendering JavaScript pages and JavaScript content.

You can see how the Googlebot crawls your site with Google Search Console and the URL Inspection Tool. With this, you can also see whether you're being indexed for desktops or if you're on mobile-first indexing.

How Does JavaScript SEO Differ From HTML/CSS SEO?

JS SEO involves optimising JavaScript content for crawling, rendering and indexing. It also focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and troubleshooting any issues with ranking for websites and Single Page Applications (SPAs). JS SEO emphasizes using best linking practices and improving load times for better UX.


HTML is the coding language for the overall structure of your website. It includes all the page elements such as headings, title tags, copy, images, and the link structure. These elements are a lot easier for search bots to crawl and are the first to be indexed.

It is important to ensure that your internal links creating your XML sitemap are clear to prevent orphan pages that create crawl errors. Your digital marketing team should also be consistently aware of the need for image optimisation and SEO-driven content that will rank high on Google.

Good HTML structure will ensure your website is mobile-responsive while offering an overall great UX.


CSS coding is responsible for the stylistic elements on your website. CSS coding was established as an easier way to style sites without convoluting HTML codes. This created a new advantage for website developers and designers, as well as a new SEO challenge.

This coding structure needs to follow SEO best practices to avoid crawl errors that will affect your ranking in search engines like Google. Including the styling elements within the CSS code will help with your site’s speed optimisation if the files are compressed.

JavaScript SEO For E-commerce

Bad JavaScript coding practices could cause your SEO strategies to be ineffective. This may seem like including JavaScript elements into your site is too much hassle. However, these elements are essential for e-commerce websites to create dynamic and unique product pages.

Your product and sales pages likely use JavaScript and if the Googlebot takes long to index them, they may not show up on the SERPs quickly enough. If your coding contains errors, your ranking opportunities diminish even more.

While there is a risk of damage to your site’s performance, page speeds, and image optimisation, JavaScript coding offers unique abilities to your website. In addition, the ever-evolving new Googlebot can crawl JavaScript frameworks and JS files more efficiently.

To make sure your site is free from coding errors, you can enlist the help of our SEO experts at PWD. We will ensure your website follows SEO best practices, is mobile-friendly, has a high-performance ranking, and brings organic traffic to your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, well-executed JavaScript coding does not negatively affect SEO. This coding language contains SEO hurdles but will only negatively affect your ranking if it is not executed properly.

If you have the help of an industry-leading SEO company, like PWD, you can implement correct SEO for your site and dynamic content.

Google crawls and renders JavaScript coding only after it has crawled and indexed the other coding elements. The Googlebot doesn’t see the coding as users do in a browser like Google Chrome. Instead, they have to toggle the page view to fully crawl the coding before it can be listed in Google's index.

Yes. Server-side rendering, as opposed to client-side rendering, increases load speeds and solves partial rendering issues. These two elements are good for SEO and will increase your ranking in search engines. This will essentially help your crawl budget and improve the UX on your site.

You can test your site’s SEO health through the Google Search Console. This will help to determine whether you need to work on the site’s optimisation. Due to the ease of complications happening with the coding language, it is essential to hire JavaScript SEO experts to help you with your technical SEO.