SEO 101: Keywords = Customers

SEO 101: Keywords = Customers

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Oliver Wood
Oliver Wood

If you’ve been trying to run a business on the internet for any length of time, you’ll most probably have heard about SEO Services, and how you can use it to dramatically increase your profitability.

The thing about SEO is that it sounds incredibly simple: Fill your websites with keywords relevant to what you’re selling, wait a few weeks, and voila – your profits are suddenly through the roof!

Kind of like a ‘shout “Open Sesame” at the rock face and find riches in ten minutes’ deal, isn’t it?

Well, if you do it right, it definitely is. But like any other skill in life, you’ll need to learn the ‘why’ first before you can succeed with the ‘how’.

SEO is a topic so vast that it can span entire textbooks, but let’s start with something anybody can understand: keywords.


Why do we need keywords?

Simply put, keywords are the main method that search engines, like Google and Yahoo, categorise sites.

Let’s take a website about cars as an example. Being a website about our favourite mode of transport, you’d expect it to be filled with sentences that are more or less a variation of things like, ‘This car is super clean, while this car looks really ugly’.

Meanwhile, the search engines have sent out their scouts, called ‘robots’ or ‘spiders’ (because they’re on the web, ha) to trawl the internet for new websites to add to their database.

What these scouts do is to get into a website, flip through all the pages, and decide on the topic or niche of the website, based on the most commonly used keywords displayed.

In other words, the website is considered ‘SEO optimised’ for anything related to cars, and it’s the reason why it will now show up in the results page whenever someone searches for ‘ugly cars’ on Google.

The true beauty of SEO is that no matter how small your target audience is, you’ll have no problems reaching them since your keywords can be as focused as you want it to be.

Want to cater to people who just love listening to music while underwater? No problem - just make sure your website is all about ‘underwater speakers’ and your target audience will come running.



To be honest, getting your website listed in the search engines is pretty easy in itself. The difficult part comes when you want to be the very first website on the list when someone’s searching for something that you’re selling.

This has already been proven with various studies and statistics, but here’s a question to you: If you’re looking for something specific on the internet, would you keep browsing to the 10th page if the very first website has what you need?

Of course not.

This is exactly the reason why many companies are spending so much money on their websites’ SEO. They know that the better optimised it is, the better their chances of snagging more customers looking to buy from them.

That’s why you’ll need to stay competitive with your SEO efforts, or you just might find your website languishing on page ten.

Remember, if someone says ‘Open Sesame’ before you do, all you’ll get in the end is an empty cave without a coin insight.


Are you ready to discover your own treasure cave and gather your riches? Get your website SEO optimised and ready to go with Perth Web Design today!


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