PWD Partners with Moula Pay.

No interest on repayments for the first 3 months with Moula Pay

More freedom for your business purchases

What is Moula Pay?

No interest. No fees. No repayments at all in the first 3 months with Moula Pay. Enjoy 12 months to repay your purchase, or pay early with no penalties. You can access a credit limit of up to $250,000 to fund business purchases. Your cash flow will thank you later.

Moula Pay is easy as 1, 2, 3

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To apply you’ll need:

Active ABN or ACN 6+ months in business $5,000+ in monthly sales

Who is Moula?

Moula has been backing good business since 2014, offering simple and transparent business finance products. Moula has been rated 5 stars by over a thousand businesses across Australia. PWD ius super pleased to partner with such a like minded company to help our clients achieve more.

Moula Pay FAQs

How does Moula Pay Work?

Moula Pay is a smarter way to pay for your business purchases while better managing your cash flow. Apply online and we’ll let you know what credit limit we’re able to offer you. Once approved, you can use your credit facility as many times as you need within your limit, anywhere Moula Pay is accepted.

Each time you use Moula Pay for a purchase, you’ll be instantly notified to verify the payment, in order to complete the purchase. Moula will then pay the Merchant directly, while you enjoy 12 months to repay. To make life easier, we’ve made the first 3 months interest-free and repayment-free, so there’s nothing to pay at all during this period. After that, your repayments are scheduled in equal monthly instalments.

There is no set-up or establishment fee, no direct debit fees, and no penalty if you repay early.

Moula Pay keeps you in control, so you can jump into your customer dashboard at any time to see your repayment schedule, manage repayments, and keep on top of your business cash flow.

Am I eligible to apply?

You’ll need:
Active ABN/ACN
6+ months in business
$5,000+ in monthly sales

How do I track my loan balance and repayment schedule?

You can log in to your Moula Pay Customer Dashboard at any time and see a clear repayment schedule for each loan.

Is interest charged?

No interest will be charged if you repay in full within the 3 month interest-free period. After the 3 month interest-free period, an interest rate of 3% per month will be charged against the daily outstanding principal balance across the month.

Is there an annual fee?

An annual fee of $149 will apply after the first 12 months, so you can enjoy the benefits of your facility for the first year on us.

Can I replay early, or am I locked in?

Yep, you can repay at any time, and you only pay interest for the days you had a loan balance. If you decide to repay within the first three months, you won’t pay any interest at all.

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