Ensuring that you have protected your online identity can be a time consuming, sometime complicated and expensive venture. We have the same issue as many people and companies do, others trying to emulate and ride off the back of our success.

Our most recent example being Dale Carter, the director of GTP i Commerce who kindly registered our business name for his Twitter account. When I asked him why he registered it he replied for “SEO purposes”. I chuckled and could not believe what I just heard, “Dale not sure how much you have read on SEO, but there are these tags called No-Follow links, which all outbound links on Twitter are defaulted to have, ensuring that people do not spam the hell out of a great social media platform.”

Essentially Google does not acknowledge that link, and as such has no bearing on SEO whatsoever. For anyone that cares to read here is Google Webmaster Tools info on No-Follow links

The scary thing is that Dale is out there selling SEO to people on a daily basis. To be fair to him and his company, I have heard good things, but must question the lack of integrity and so called SEO expertise.
Someone said to me, well I would take that as a compliment Oliver, he clearly must think that your name and branding is stronger than his own. Maybe so, maybe not, you be the judge.

Some reading this may be thinking why the hell do you care? Well ultimately, in the big scheme of things it’s quite small to our goal and vision @ PWD, but it does pose a risk, one of loosing a client and secondly that client will get burnt, reflecting badly on the industry as a whole.

The moral of the story is get there first before your competitor does, prevention is better than cure. That includes business names, Trade Marks, Domain names, accounts for online services such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter and FaceBook to mention a few. Even if you have no plans of using them for the foreseeable future, grab them just in case.

Ensure your competitors do not use your brand / identity to misrepresent, and like a cockroach running through your garage towards the house, stamp it out sharp and fast.


Oliver Wood