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Shark Bay

World Heritage places really are the best places on Earth. Enter Shark Bay, held in high esteem with it’s natural beauty and abundance, evolving habitats and species, and wildlife refuge. It’s truly a window in time!

Problem: The existing Shark Bay website was packed with relevent content that was hard to get to. The system was very outdated with narrow margins and low-resolution imagery. The constraints for the new site included only being able to use two page templates. The client wanted something very modern and full screen that would reflect the landscape of Shark Bay so they put out a tender to us and several other agencies. Their previous platform was Joomla, and the client wanted to move onto something much easier, so we recommended WordPress.

Solution: We came up with two templates with the specific goal to house minimal or large amunts of copy or imagery. A very large site with a lot of data that needed to be brought across 233 pages were migrated. Accordian drop downs were featured to show and hide the heavier areas of text., while the imagery was updated to hero the beautiful landscapes and colours of Shark Bay.

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