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Liftstyle Wardrobes

Lifestyle Wardrobes are Perth’s leading manufacturer and installer of custom wardrobes, cupboards and storage. Lifestyle Wardrobes specialises in the manufacture and installation of functional, stylish wardrobes. Storage needs vary which is why all wardrobes we manufacture are custom made to meet individual requirements. Whether renovating or looking to maximise storage space, we have the expertise to design custom solutions.


My name is Wayne and I run one of Perth’s leading manufacturing companies, Lifestyle Wardrobes. Our company focuses mainly on manufacturing custom walk-in wardrobes, built in wardrobes, storage cupboards.

Before PWD came along, we did our own marketing with paper advertising as our main lead generation strategy and we found ourselves floundering in the market. Me being old school, I didn’t see the value in the new wave of strategic thinking and digital marketing. I simply stuck with what I knew.

Unfortunately, these traditional marketing efforts weren’t bringing in the sales we needed to meet our business targets and we weren’t bringing in new customers either. We were on the verge of bankruptcy with all my life savings on the line. As a family run business, this meant that it wasn’t just my finances that were in trouble, but my whole family’s too. The financial outlook for my family looked dire. This of course took great strain on my entire family.

No matter what we did, we couldn’t increase our sales or get any traction on our website. It was an incredibly stressful moment for everyone involved, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. That’s when we knew it was time to make a change and turn our business around.

With the need to keep up with modern consumer demands, we knew we had to take action. It was our goal to find an agency that was an idea based company that could create a custom strategy to improve our current market standing. When it came to it, PWD was there to save the day.


As Lifestyle Wardrobes was only on page 5 of Google, it was evident that we needed PWD’s help to become our client’s number 1 choice. As Oliver explained their process of search engine optimisations, creating valuable content and driving links to our website from key publications wasn’t an overnight success, I gave them 12 months to work their magic. Little did I know that I would start seeing performance-driven results in just 5 months!

Within 4 to 5 months, Lifestyle Wardrobes steadily progressed from page 5 to page 4 and eventually to page 3 of Google. Once we got to page 2, that’s where we started to get excited and our business really began to pick up.

The moment that PWD got Lifestyle Wardrobes to page 1 of Google, it was an instantaneous success. Our business was finally taking off! During a downward trending building market, Lifestyle Wardrobes saw a combustion in profits where we increased our sales revenue to $1.2 million per year for the past 4 years. Our business prospects kept growing from strength to strength!

With Oliver’s help, our website gained a 1,398% increase in website traffic and our customer base instantly expanded. Ever since then, Lifestyle Wardrobes has remained on the first page of Google and my business has never been better. It seemed like the days of dire straits were behind us and the entire family could finally breathe a sigh of relief. It was the first time in years where we started to see real profits and new customers walk through the door.

By crafting the ideal digital marketing strategy for Lifestyle Wardrobes, PWD was able to take my once floundering company into a new gear of business success. They worked with my company’s needs to find exactly what would work for our current situation and what was needed to put my business back on track.

I wouldn’t recommend any other company, PWD is my choice for a digital marketing agency and I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking my business to a new level as much as they did!

“We got to Page 1 and it was instantaneous combustion from page 1 and we’ve been on Page 1 ever since. The business then took off…!”

Wayne – Lifestyle Wardrobes




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  • 1837 Website users
  • 8797 Website page views

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  • 3483 Website users
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seo & digital marketing
    Lifestyle Wardrobes Dilemma

  • Needed more sales to cover increased overheads
  • Traditional print advertising was not working and costing $10,000 / month.
  • Enquiries were dropping year on year.
    PWD to the Rescue

  • $750,000 increase in sales within 10 months.
  • Every $1000 generates $37,500 in new sales.
  • Hired more staff to cope with production.
  • Continual stream of inbound enquiries.
  • Quality of inbound enquiries has improved.
  • Lifestyle have secured new contracts with home

website traffic


Page views


enquiries up

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