Our Best Examples of Well-Designed Websites

Your website is often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your brand. Is it showing off everything you’ve got? There are some websites out there that put their heart and soul into their content, and it shows! These are the websites that work, that drive traffic and increase sales.

Oliver Wood

Your website is often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your brand. Is it showing off everything you’ve got? There are some websites out there that put their heart and soul into their content, and it shows! These are the websites that work, that drive traffic and increase sales.

The success of any website lies largely on how well it has been designed. These website examples are a testament to that. The way in which these web-pages have been developed prove that it’s not just about the aesthetic of the page but how it urges action to be taken. After all, the goal of your website is to win customers, right?

Before we get into our list of best website examples, let’s unpack what goes into these high standard websites.

What Makes a Well-Designed Website Good?

Any website developer will tell you that a good website isn’t created overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and may even cause a few grey hairs along the way. It isn’t just about having an attractive layout, it’s also about how your content communicates with its viewers.

Your website has to score in both the beauty and brains departments to be successful. How do you achieve this balance? By keeping the following elements in mind as you develop your web-page:

Incorporate a Clear Communication Strategy

Straightaway, your audience should know exactly what your website’s purpose is and how it can help them. A good website resonates with its users by answering who your business is, what your business does, and what can users do while they’re on your website.  The goal is to show users that they’re in the right place for their needs. Make use of headings, content structure and bullet points to get your point across. If you fail to achieve this, they will most likely exit your website for answers elsewhere.

Use a Responsive Design

Not only is having a responsive design great for SEO, but it enhances the user experience too. A good website is optimised for every way that the user could possibly be interacting with your content. It has to be mobile-friendly, it should be viewable on tablets and even phablets (phone tablets). Your website should maintain an excellent design for various screens. Before launching your website, we’d recommend testing the layout on various types of screens to ensure a successful rollout.

Create a Clear Navigation Strategy

Nothing deters users more than struggling to find what they’re looking for. Don’t let complicated site navigation get in the way of your website’s success. Try and create logical page hierarchies with breadcrumbing menus and clickable link buttons. Remember, your website should be guiding users along their customer journey, not limiting it.

Use Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

Using CTAs are a great way to help navigate users through your website while directing them to take action on your website. Your CTA can be used as a sales funnel for them to make a purchase or simply drive traffic to your latest blog content. The goal is to have users interacting with your website.

Aline Your Content with Your Target Market

Like most marketing strategies, if they don’t relate to the target market, they won’t see the results that you were hoping for. The way in which you communicate with your audience is powerful in creating a well-designed website.

Craft a Compelling Website Design

Most importantly, your website has to grab your audience’s attention. It should strive to build trust and communicate your page’s value with your audience. Effective homepages make positive use out of their layout, their number of CTAs, balancing the right colour palette with strategic whitespaces, and choosing the right font. Just like you’d prepare to go on a date, your website should be looking its very best with its finest elements at the fore. You’ve got to think about what will impress your audience.

The Benefits of a Well-Designed Website:

Do you know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, when it comes to website designs, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your website is a direct reflection of who your brand is and what it is that you do as a business. The benefit of having a well-designed website tells your audience why they should choose your business, and why your service is better than your competitors. Done correctly, your website can be converted to your main sales and lead generation channel.

Best Website Examples:

1. Dropbox


Why We Like it:

  • Clearly communicates what it does and how it can benefit the user
  • Strategic CTA placement
  • Simple yet engaging page design

2. Take Care Of


Why We Like it:

  • Attractive colour palette and font balance
  • Appealing visuals
  • Clear site navigation
  • The product’s purpose is clear and defined

3. Asana


Why We Like it:

  • Logical page layout
  • Quirky designs to attract the audience’s attention
  • Immediately explains what users can expect when using the product

4. Lyft


Why We Like it:

  • Makes use of video content
  • Directs traffic to key website elements
  • Simplicity at its best

5. Ahrefs


Why We Like it:

  • Effective colour contrasts
  • Striking copywriting followed by an attractive offer CTA
  • Instils trust by showcasing their industry leading clients

6. HubSpot


Why We Like it:

  • Graphics grab your attention
  • Eye-catching CTAs
  • Clear sales funnels throughout the homepage

7. Airbnb


Why We Like it:

  • Smart search navigationn
  • Includes primary CTAs that call for bookings and secondary CTAs calling for hosts
  • Design is constantly changing for new trends and listings

8. Zero Financial


Why We Like it:

  • Clear lead generation strategy
  • Demonstrates what users can expect from the app
  • Copywriting is in line with their target market

9. WeWork


Why We Like it:

  • Easy booking feature that encourages immediate action on the webpage
  • Engaging imagery that reflects the services available accurately
  • Supportive copywriting that speaks strategically speaks to their target market

10. Slack


Why We Like it:

  • Responsive page design even on their app
  • Immediately sparks interest with inspiring copywriting
  • Constantly changing its design to fit new needs and new customers

By following these website examples as a guide for your own page, you might find yourself on the next best website list!