Anyone can run Google AdWords text adverts to promote their website and reach a new audience. However, the process of Optimising those ads isn’t as simple as people think. Indeed, it often takes years of experience to know how to get the best results from a campaign.

Oliver Wood
Oliver Wood

Anyone can run Google AdWords text adverts to promote their website and reach a new audience. However, the process of Optimising those ads isn’t as simple as people think. Indeed, it often takes years of experience to know how to get the best results from a campaign.

That said, understanding the strategies you need to use is a good first step. So, we wanted to fill this page with useful information that helps to explain the ins and outs. If this all seems too complicated, the best course of action is to employ the services of PPC experts. Even so, everyone could benefit from increased education on the subject.



Google’s support forum probably offers the best description of text ads for people with a limited understanding. It says they are the standard type of Adwords advertisements most business owners will use to promote their websites. They include a link to the domain and a description of the product or service you’re trying to sell.

Most text ads will feature a clickable title that links to the advertiser’s web page. They also feature a couple of lines of text, and the web address becomes highlighted in green. In nearly all instances, the ads will appear on pages containing relevant search results for your chosen keywords. They display throughout the Google Network but might change their appearance for mobiles and tablets. Google makes sure that all users know when they are going to click a sponsored link by labeling it as an advertisement.



There are many advantages to Optimising your text ads, not least the fact that you will get better results. That happens because your efforts will:

  • Lower the price you pay for clicks
  • Improve your Quality Score
  • Boost your click-through rates
Everyone wants to get the most for their money when investing in Google AdWords. So, tailoring your approach is the best strategy for making that happen. Professional marketers will perform the process on a weekly basis. They will take a look at performance charts and new information to work out how to make improvements. They will then test different ideas and keep the ones that worked. Indeed, it’s possible to double or even triple the number of clicks if you apply the technique correctly. It’s also easy to reduce your cost per action significantly.



The most important thing you need to remember when Optimising text ads relates to relevancy. You will always get better results if you make them as consistent with your website as possible. Some of the most vital things you have to consider are:

 - The type of product or service you want to promote
 - The internet user’s intent when searching for the keywords
 - The landing page you plan to use

We’ve developed some tips you can use to get better results from your efforts. See if you can apply these ideas to your campaign, and then judge the outcomes. With a bit of luck, you will notice an improvement after only a couple of days.


You only have a couple of lines of text in which to describe your website, product or service. So, you need to use that space to its full advantage. Try to cram as many suitable words in there as possible without confusing people. The text still needs to make sense, and proper use of grammar is essential. It should also highlight why people should click the link and visit your site.


It’s vital that text ads include a call to action in most circumstances. That helps to let the user know what they need to do, and what will happen when they click the link. For example, let’s presume you’re trying to sell cuddly toys for children’s Christmas presents. You could use the text “click here for the best quality cuddly toys.” You get the idea, right?


That’s a fantastic question, and it has a lot to do with competition. When people advertise using Google AdWords, their bids go up against thousands of others. The people offering the most cash for the best-performing ads tend to win the race. So, if your adverts hardly get any clicks, they will likely go to the bottom of the pile. While Google wants to make as much money as possible from advertising, they also want to offer the best user experience. So, they don’t like putting ads in front of people that seem irrelevant.

Some of the most successful online advertisers will engage in optimisation tasks every single day. They do that in an attempt to discover the most compelling wording for their keyword groups. That helps them to increase the number of clicks on their ads and improve their Quality Score. When they get things right, their cost per action decreases. That means they get a higher ROI.

People who fail to assess and improve their text ads will never reach their potential. As time progresses, the performance of your campaign will get worse. That is because all the other advertisers are working hard to advance their approach.


For a text ad to become successful, it must follow a standard formula. However, you can still make adjustments and try new concepts to see how they affect your outcomes. For the best results with text ads, you need to:

- Show users what makes you unique
- Include pricing information
- Encourage users to click
- Include some keywords
- Make sure your landing page matches the ad
- Remember that a lot of people see these ads on their mobile
- Experiment with a range of different ideas
- Check your adverts for silly mistakes

Some of the most common errors people make relate to the text they use. For instance, they might add capital letters in odd places or too many spaces. That can drastically affect the outcome of any campaign, and it only takes a few seconds to check. Also, make sure you never use incorrect URLs or you might not meet Google’s editorial standards.



If you’re struggling to optimise your text ads, there is something that could give you a better insight. Log into your Adwords account and click the “Opportunities” tab. That is where you will find personalised suggestions that could help you to improve your strategy. For instance, you might encounter new keywords and more. Google tries hard to make the advertising process as simple as possible for everyone involved. So, make sure you utilize the assistance on offer from within your account.

There are also many other apps and tools that could help you to create more efficient text ads. You just need to search online to find out which ones professional marketers are using today. Of course, you could always outsource the job and save yourself a lot of hassle.

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