On & off the track – why personal branding matters

When you think about some of the world’s most popular brands what springs to your mind? We all tend to associate branding with big name companies such as Nike, Coca Cola and Google but what about the individual?

Oliver Wood


When you think about some of the world’s most popular brands what springs to your mind? We all tend to associate branding with big name companies such as Nike, Coca Cola and Google but what about the individual?

These days if you want to make a name for yourself, applying the same principles of branding that big brands do, is crucial to the success of your business or career. Take the likes of Katy Perry, Usain Bolt, Jamie Oliver and closer to home, Daniel Ricciardo. They’ve become a household name in their own right, but they didn’t start off that way.

How did they get there? It’s a little thing called personal branding.

What is personal branding?

Think of it as branding for you. And much like branding for companies, how you’re perceived directly impacts on your success. Creating and growing a brand around your own talents, will give you the competitive edge professionally within the industry you work in.

A strong personal brand can expand your network and attract new opportunities such as work, sponsorships, endorsements or clients (if you run your own business). It can also establish credibility and build trust with others. If you make a name for yourself, people will want to know more about you. You’ll be recognisable and a respected source within your industry.

Shaping your personal brand for success

What’s unique about you that’ll make you stand out against everyone else and draw others to you? How you communicate your personality, skills and values all contributes to shaping your personal brand.

Perth Web Design is currently in the works with 17 year old V8 Supercars prodigy Alex Rullo. We’re helping the Perth young gun evolve his personal brand online. At just 16 years of age, Alex joined the 2017 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship with Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport, as the youngest driver ever in Supercars history.

The sky’s the limit for this accomplished driver, who already has a prosperous career ahead of him. How Alex is perceived both on and off the track will shape his personal brand now and into the future, and that’s why we’ve come on board to help him tell his story.

2 Personal branding power tips

So, how do you become front and centre of your industry?

Showcase your talents

Launch your own website or blog where you can tell your story to others. In other words be your own salesperson! Share your opinions and perspective on things that matter to you. Knowing your industry and imparting that knowledge will boost your credibility, and you’ll be seen as a trusted expert in your field.

Alex Rullo tells his story through his vlog on YouTube and we’re also developing a new website for him to further bring out his personal brand.

Harness your identity

You don’t need to wait for others to mention your brand in order to be heard. While it does help, you can still take charge on your own through social media. And it tends to be more impactful when you make yourself visible and accessible. Be human and speak openly. Make sure you build on your relationships and engage if you want your followers to stick around.

Alex already has an established social media presence and following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and it will only continue to grow as he builds his personal brand.

Stay true to yourself

It’s not just about marketing you, people see through that. Be the real you when talking on social media and you’ll further expand your visibility and engagement. Stay consistent online and offline, that way people will know what to expect from you.

Grow your network

The more people you know, the greater the chance of opportunities knocking. Make the time to network, and you never know whom you might meet! And it goes hand in hand, for every lucky break that comes your way, there’s someone out there that can benefit from you too.

Building your personal brand takes time, but it’s worth it when those doors start to open and you’ll never look back.

Interested in creating and growing your personal brand online? Get in touch with Perth Web Design and we can show you how.