PWD believes in helping small to medium business navigate the frustrations technology can cause when trying to grow their business in this ever changing digital space.

Technology is at the forefront of our business, and business is booming.

Finding the right IT company can not only add value to your core infrastructure, but will greatly influence your desired business goals moving forward. The right IT can establish a solid foundation when considering potential business growth and expansion.

Technology and IT infrastructure affects company culture, efficiency and general relationships with your customers. It also directly effects the security and access to confidential information, which in this modern digital age is vital to have security protocols put into place. This will protect your information from the likes of cyber hackers and malicious malware.

We believe that in order to successfully and efficiently implement your IT solutions, we have to work closely with your current infrastructure, including any existing or prior IT providers. Through this phase, we will also work closely with your designated third-party, either local or international suppliers or distributors. This will in turn guarantee the best possible solution for your business and required IT services.

There are many professional IT service providers here in Perth, that can help you remain at the top of your technology game, however determining which services will add value to your business depends on your current business position and future business goals.

G Suite

G Suite is Google’s cloud-based email and productivity package. When you sign up for a business plan, you get access to world-class business email on your chosen domain, cloud storage, and an office productivity suite.

What Are The Main Benefits of G Suite?

  • Enhanced Security – With advanced technology such as double factor authentication, superior spam filters and mobile device management, G Suite has been designed to keep all your data safe and secure.
  • Cloud-Based Platform – With G Suite, you now have the ability to store all your data safely in the cloud. Your information will be stored in data centres around the world, allowing you to access it anytime from any location. You will no longer have to worry about saving documents or losing data.
  • Collaborative Suite – Ideal for businesses, G Suite allows multiple people to work on a project or document at the same time, tracking all changes and keeping the document up to date. For people working remotely, all team members can access their work on the go, from anywhere in the world.
  • Familiarity – Within G Suite, you have access to Gmail’s email service, which includes a powerful web-based client. For those who don’t wish to use Gmail, you will still be able to use Outlook, or your preferred email service, to send and receive emails.
  • Dynamic – G Suite grants you access to an entire online office suite, enhancing your business with optimum cloud file storage. You will also gain access to features such as shared calendars, video conferencing and team chats as well as many other dynamic services.
  • Reliable – Google servers are some of the most secure and widely used in the world. You can expect nearly 100% uptime on them, meaning your business is secure and never has to be offline.
  • Move Your Business To G Suite – Our skilled technicians are experts in migrating businesses from their existing email and office platform to G Suite.
  • Research and Review – The first step will be for us to review your current email platform and select a G Suite plan that is ideal for your business. We’ll consider any additional features from G Suite that you want to include as well.
  • Planning And Execution – Once a migration plan is decided upon, we can then begin setting up user accounts and configuring the platform for the migration.
  • Implementation – All your current contacts, calendar details, email archives and email signatures will be moved across to G Suite. Once the migration is successful we can offer training to ensure optimal usage of G Suite.
Complete IT Assistance
IT Consultancy

For businesses searching for specific IT assistance, ranging from IT projects to ad-hoc IT work, we have the solution! With years of experience in the field, our team of expert technicians will be able to help you with all your IT needs.

  • Assessment and Forecasting
    Our goal is to ensure any IT project or idea that you have is researched and executed efficiently and effectively. First, we will assess the project and move from there to planning. Our aim is to work with you as closely as possible, to ensure all your requirements are met timeously, and with the right resources.
  • Extensive Resources
    What sets us apart is our wide network of distributors in the industry. This allows us to source any equipment or resources needed to ensure your specific needs are met. Should you want to keep this in-house, we can help create specifications that can be purchased directly by your procurement team.
  • Effective Execution and Implementation
    We believe that in order to successfully and efficiently implement your IT requirements, we have to work closely with your team throughout the process. We will also work closely with any third-party suppliers or distributors, guaranteeing efficient and timeous delivery.
  • Project Handover & Long-Term Support
    After completion, we are committed to ensuring your team is well acquainted with the new additions to your IT system. We offer extensive documentation, training and long-term support to your employees.
Office Relocations

Relocating offices can be an extremely stressful experience for small and big businesses alike. We will be there every step of the way by handling all planning, moving and installation of your IT infrastructures at your new premises.

  • Research and Review
    Our first concern during your relocation is to ensure that your new office has stable and high-speed internet from day 1. We will do all the research and sourcing beforehand, including site-visits to assess and review existing IT infrastructures. This helps us to effectively develop your new IT plan, helping us to inform your decision.
  • Planning and Infrastructure
    Once the new location has been found we will work continuously with you to keep any disruptions to an absolute minimum. This means all research, setting up infrastructure and testing will be done beforehand to ensure your business can run efficiently from the get-go.
  • On The Day Assistance And Follow Up
    Our job is to ensure that all existing servers and equipment are shut down and removed and transported properly. Our priority will be to have all your IT equipment, tried, tested and functioning before you arrive. We can also have our technicians present to solve any snags or issues that may arise, thereafter.


In some cases you may have an idea of what you want but not sure of how to achieve. Alternatively, you may simply need some expert advice. We can offer you the following services:

  • Research
    Our expert technicians will extensively research your IT problem, ensuring it is resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Preparation and Planning
    Once we have determined the problem and done the necessary research we will create a detailed plan of the resources and time needed to solve the problem.
  • Execution
    Once we’ve created the plan, we will work closely with your team to ensure deliverables are completed timeously.
IT Security

A firewall is software that is designed to maintain the security of your private network. Firewalls are used to protect your IT network from unwanted intruders, as well as monitor and control traffic into and out of your website. Firewalls are also necessary to help block viruses and spam, whilst still allowing access to certain websites.

Having a modern, well-implemented and monitored firewall is essential to your business as it helps protect important data. Our IT security services include the following:

  • Advanced Security
    The main purpose of a firewall is to ensure traffic in and out of your network is monitored and kept secure by blocking and allowing certain ports and applications. It is crucial that your firewall is designed and configured in the appropriate way, by expert technicians.
  • Protected WiFi Connections
    Every office requires high-speed WiFi to function optimally. Our main goal is to ensure that all set up and installation is correctly configured. We will also implement captive portals guest networks and guest networks to ensure maximum security.
  • Enhanced Remote Accessibility
    For team members who work remotely, having access to applications and files off the internal server is crucial. Your firewall can facilitate this by providing VPN access. VPN’s can also be used to connect offices in different locations, enabling access to shared resources.
  • Effective Load Balance
    For businesses that rely heavily on high-speed internet, load balancing is essential. Load balancing allows two or more internet connections to be used simultaneously. Load balancing can help increase the speed of your internet connection or simply allow continuous access to the Internet, should one of the connections fail.
  • Protection Against Virus & Malware
    By running regular malware, virus scans, and intrusion detection software on your firewall, your hardware and networks will always be protected.
  • Easy and Effective Web Filtering
    Many businesses require social media websites to be blocked or for employees to have limited or selective access. With the correct firewall, you will be able to create a more flexible network policy, allowing you to block specific websites altogether, at specific times or even for specific people.

Anti-Virus Protection

Anti-malware and anti-virus are crucial to securing your business against unwanted users, viruses and ransomware. We find that Bitdefender is one of the best when it comes to performance, accessibility and security. On top of providing advanced virus protection, Bitdefender also includes enhanced functionality, giving you ultimate control over access to websites.

  • Firewall Software
    Firewalls prevent unwanted users from accessing your network, protecting your network from malicious software.
  • Dynamic Device Management
    You will have full control over all linked USB devices, allowing you to disable or make the device read-only at any time.
  • Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software
    These software’s were designed to protect your network against unknown threats and will automatically safeguard it against intruders.
  • Effective Web Filtering
    Enables you to successfully block potentially harmful websites and protect your employees when they search the web.
  • Advanced Data Protection
    All your sensitive information will always be safe when filters are set to prevent access and transmission of it.
VoIP Phone Systems Service Page

Voice over IP, also known as VoIP, is a unique technology which uses the internet to make and receive phone calls. VoIP adds flexibility to your business while saving you money. To utilise the full features of the technology you will need a PBX, which facilitates incoming and outgoing calls. Having partnered with 3cx, a leading software based PBX, we can offer you a complete package with advanced features.


Why Use VoIP For Your Business?
  • Saves You Money
    By using VoIP, you will save significant amounts of money on call costs. 3cx offers you additional features that can enhance your business and make it even more efficient.
  • Dynamic Technology
    All calls can be directed to groups or specific individuals. Interactive voice responses can be configured, directing calls to the necessary departments. With 3cx, employees working hours can be entered, automatically activating voicemail outside these hours.
  • Cloud Storage or In-House
    The 3cx technology can be hosted from an in-house server or in the cloud. This gives your business ultimate flexibility, allowing you to host either physically or virtually.
  • Enhanced Features
    3cx allows users to blacklist certain callers, share phone books throughout the company and make calls directly through it. You can also record and log all calls, enabling remote employees to have the same access to all office-based documents and files.
  • Accessibility
    With 3cx you have the ability to make and receive phone calls in a variety of ways. Whether it’s through a telephone handset, a headset, an application on your mobile phone or on your PC or Mac, 3cx is designed for ultimate accessibility.
  • Advanced Integration
    Software such as Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Salesforce and CRM Software can be integrated with the Pro and Enterprise versions of 3cx.