You need a professional who is willing to invest in your business

As the owner of a business you may have found yourself asking the question, “Is it better to hire a freelance web designer or approach an in-house professional from a web design company?” One thing is for sure – if you want to grow your business and see it reach the magnificent potential you envision, you need a professional who’s willing to invest in it!

At PWD we dedicate our time and passion to the growth of your business so you can be sure to receive a service that exceeds expectations!


We are committed to providing you with professional, affordable web design for your business. Our in-house team of digital experts coupled with superior web design programs and a wealth of experience will take your business to new heights!


How Do I Know Whether To Choose An In-House Or Freelance Web Designer In Perth?

Deciding whether to hire a freelance web designer or an in-house one can be tricky. Don’t be duped by impressive marketing and empty promises. We’ve summed up the key factors to consider when making your decision so you don’t have to compromise on quality or affordability.

At PWD we offer a range of services aimed at providing your business with the professional standard it deserves. Our web designers work in-house to build a website for your business that reflects your vision and values. We believe in going the extra mile. We study your business concept to know more about your business, because the more we know about you, the better we can deliver!

Many of our clients have ended up knocking on our doors after taking their chances with freelance web designers. Freelance web designers are self-employed professionals who operate from home and often work part-time. The term “freelance” allows them to work freely at their own pace but comes with its own set of disadvantages.

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Freelance Web Designers
Affordable, But Are They Reliable?

It’s the case for both freelance web designers and freelance web developers in Perth – they are chosen mainly for their affordability. They charge less than in-house professionals and are therefore suitable for small business web design projects that don’t have access to large capital.

Easily discoverable online, freelancers often market themselves well, describing themselves as professional and reliable. It’s no wonder their popularity has grown – but are they actually worth it?

Here’s the Downside

  • Unlike an agency that has the support of a team, freelancers sometimes become stretched with work. Therefore they spend less time on your project and can take longer to deliver a complete and fully-functional website.
  • The cash-dependent productivity of freelancers can affect the completion time of your web design and slow the growth potential of your business.
  • It has happened where they stop responding or disappear, leaving the client in the lurch without a finished product.
  • There is often no one-on-one meeting with your web designer which can make the process impersonal and leave you with a sense of insecurity about your investment.
  • They can be unreliable and waste valuable time that your business could use to generate income.


Choose An In-House Web Designer At PWD

At PWD we offer you the security of knowing your business is in good hands by meeting with you face-to-face. We work directly with you every step of the way to ensure that your website is created from scratch according to your business ideals.

We take the time to get to know you and your business so that your website reflects the principles you value and is essentially a user-friendly, attractive and efficient platform.

What to look for when finding the perfect Web Designer for your business?
  • Our digital agency offers you premium in-house design, developer and WordPress services at affordable rates
  • Our team of highly skilled web designers are experienced in ElementorPro, WordPress, and Sketch – premium web design software and design toolkits!
  • You have access to a team capable of all digital services. If you hire a freelance graphic web designer, on the other hand, this person likely has one speciality so you will have to outsource your other service requirements from another freelancer with a different speciality.
  • We meet with you to discuss your requirements and vision and update you throughout the design process.
  • We do extensive research about your business to make sure your website reaches its target market and your business exceeds its growth potential!
  • We include a Content Management System (CMS) with all our website packages so you can be in control of the content on your website.
  • Our team are at work all day on your website design, and we provide after-hour support so that your needs are taken care of no matter the time of day.
  • Our team of 30 experienced professionals is headed by a world-class web designer with 18 years of experience in the web design industry.
  • PWD has over five years of experience in web design usi
We Care About Your Business

PWD is a digital design company that cares about the growth of your business. We would love to see your business reach its growth potential and exceed its financial goals. We believe that time is money. That’s why we’ve employed a team of expert web designers whose experience and skill match their dedication to providing the highest standard of web design. We deliver quality web design that is professional, affordable and on-time!

Don’t let financial restraints prevent you from choosing a premium web designer, PWD will have an in-house web designer transform your business dreams into a reality.

Our in-house WordPress web design team work full-time to offer the highest quality in web design. We work with you from the beginning to make sure that your business goals are at the centre of our focus throughout the development of your website.


Choose The Best For Your Business With An In-House Web Designer

Receive all the benefits of an in-house web designer with the affordability of a freelancer! PWD boasts an elite team of professionals dedicated to the success and prosperity of your business. Impressive web design, efficient web development, captivating creativity and strategic online marketing are just a few qualities we endorse.

Put your trust in the leaders in web design so you don’t have to worry about late delivery or extra costs. At PWD, our years of experience delivering the highest quality in digital services has ensured our clients get a professional website building service that they can rely on.

Our in-house web designer will give you the opportunity to be a part of the design process from the beginning. You will be able to review your web design virtually and communicate with your web designer throughout the web design process