Is Content Marketing A Fad or Not?

Learn How Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing Work Together

Content marketing has become one of the latest marketing fads.

And there are many experts in the industry that claim that it is only a matter of time before content marketing completely overtakes SEO. Many digital marketing agencies have now begun to focus more on offering specialised content for their clients from blog posts to infographics and more.

Content marketing is an excellent investment for businesses that are implementing a content strategy. But it is far more effective when it is combined with SEO.

Even if you produce excellent content for your site, it will fail to gain any traction if your pages are too slow to load or they are not optimised for mobile devices. This is where SEO comes in as it addresses certain technical aspects of your site that could be affecting your rankings.

This is only one example.

Here we look at the different ways that SEO and content marketing can effectively work together.

1. Creating Engaging Content

According to the Content Marketing Institute, here is the definition of content marketing:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

The emphasis here is on the word “valuable”.

The days of writing optimised content with a certain keyword density are long gone. Now what you see mostly ranking in the search results are engaging posts that provide value to their readers. SEO helps to optimise your pages while content marketing gets more visitors to them.

2. Conducting Keyword Research

You need to target the right keywords.

Otherwise your marketing campaign will fail right from the start.

One of the many aspects of SEO is identifying keywords to target through tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and other resources. But the keywords by themselves are worthless unless you do something with them.

Content marketing takes that research and turns it into engaging posts, content that visitors actually want to share and even link to. The reality is a marketing strategy that gives your site a major competitive advantage online.

3. Building Quality Links

Another aspect of SEO is link building. One of the most popular strategies was submitting content to article directories with a link back to the site. These strategies are largely ineffective as spamming links to your pages is more likely to result in a ranking penalty thanks to the Penguin update.

Content marketing focuses on creating engaging content.

The posts that provide a great deal of value are the ones that attract quality. Simply duplicating content from other sources or rehashing content isn’t enough to attract attention and attract links.

So how do you create content that people want to read and link to?

Start by conducting market research. Find out the burning questions that your target audience is asking, then write posts that cover that topic in-depth. Optimise it with basic on-page SEO best practices and spread the word with content marketing.


SEO consists of strategies and techniques to increase a site’s rankings in the search results.

Content marketing focuses on content creation and distributing it across different channels. Both of them together give your business a major advantage online. You create engaging content, then optimise it with basic SEO principles and market it online to reach more of your audience. Quality is still one of the most important factors though. Your content won’t generate any traction online if it is duplicated from other sources or provides little value.