Company Logos: Does Your Website Really Need Them?

Logos are found everywhere these days. It’s practically impossible to dodge them when you’re out and about, especially for stuff like Coca Cola and other big names.

The funny thing is, logos are really common in the real world, but why don’t we see them as much when we get online?

Simply put, websites are still viewed as ‘optional’ marketing material for most businesses. In their opinion, a company website should only contain their contact information and maybe a pretty picture or two.

No explanation of their services, no reasons why they’re better than their competitors. And no logo.

Unfortunately for them, it typically results in money being left on the table. A good website can be just the thing they need to reel in more customers. Conversely, a bad website can turn away even the most promising buyers.

What we have to realise is that websites are effectively three things on the internet: brochure, flyer and storefront.

It’s like refusing to put up a logo at your store

Logos are shown because they are a means of inducing brand recognition. With a logo, you as a business owner gain three properties:

  1. It makes you look professional. Having a logo means your business is here to stay. You’re not afraid to show the world the quality of your work, and you deserve the prices that you charge.
  2. Your company comes across as more reliable. People tend to be more trusting when a company has a logo. It’s usually derived from the professional quality it exudes, as explained in the previous point.
  3. People become more familiar with you. Logos also serve as the main method to establish familiarity, by planting a seed in the minds of your intended audience. When the time comes for them to seek a service or product that you’ve been offering from the start, they’ll instinctively turn to you for their needs.

Even household names have memorable logos

Logos do help in marketing businesses offline, but they also work equally well for websites.

Even if your website’s design is derived from a cookie-cutter concept, the mere presence of a unique logo instantly distinguishes you from the crowd. Not only that, it will also grant you the three points mentioned above.

At the end of the day, you want your customers to see you as professional, reliable and familiar; this makes the act of buying from you an easier one.

Without the logo, however, your business would be indistinguishable from your competitors. And that’s not a good place to be.

After all, why would they buy from your dinky little website, if your rivals are sporting a shiny new logo on theirs?