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Know what makes your phone ring. This is what every business has been waiting for

Call tracking & playback recording with PWD


Ever wondered what makes your phone ring? Now you can finally see where all those calls are coming from.

PWD has now incorporated a Call Tracking and Recording Software add-on.

You as a business owner can now listen to every call that your business receives through an online dashboard! Not only that, but you can also track each call to see where it has come from and replay the recording at a later date. Call tracking is a great way to ensure your staff are not missing sale opportunities, and it’s another beneficial way of identifying areas of potential training and quality control.

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How call tracking software can help your business

One of digital marketing’s most significant advantages is the ability to track almost any metric with ease. Whether views, clicks, conversions, or any of the behaviours that occur before, during, or after these actions. However, much business still takes place over the phone. About 92%, according to Salesforce, and this has traditionally been a challenging channel to track.

Call tracking software offers a potential solution. Because call tracking software can tell you where your incoming calls are originating from, it can help you identify which lead sources are delivering the best return on your investment. Knowing this information can help you to maximize your marketing budget.

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