Content Marketing Trends that You Need to Know in 2019

Content marketing isn’t what it used to be. The digital age is continuously growing in leaps and bounds and it’s essential that your marketing plan is evolving with it.


Content marketing isn’t what it used to be. The digital age is continuously growing in leaps and bounds and it’s essential that your marketing plan is evolving with it.

2018 set up the need for authentic brand engagements. However, 2019 takes this concept to a whole new level with the need for human brand interaction at the core of content marketing.

The focus is on deepening customer relationships instead of pushing sales. If you can connect with your audience in an authentic, human way by leveraging content that deepens relationships, your results will exponentially increase.

With that being said, let’s dive in and expand on how you can stay ahead of the game and craft a content marketing strategy that converts!

5 Content Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Content Marketing Planning

Long gone are the days of having a content calendar with gap filler material. In 2019, every inch of your content must have a purpose behind it.

Planning a content marketing plan that’s in line with your business goals doesn’t just make good business sense but it will put you ahead of your competitors too. Content Marketing Institute has claimed that an outstanding 63% of business don’t have a strategy behind their content plan. While your competitors may be posting filler material, yours will have a direct message that delights and engages your audience.


So, what should your content marketing plan look like?

  • Set goals for your content - consider what your posts hope to achieve. Is it there to drive traffic to your website, spark genuine conversation, or is it to help you sell more?
  • Use KPIs to measure success - start measuring your content’s ROI to see which content needs adjusting along the way.
  • Segment your audience - having an overall idea of who your target audience is doesn’t work anymore. Content marketing trends for 2019 are focused around personalised content and the need for in-depth segmentation.
  • Define your content curation strategy - confirm the ways that you will develop your content and what type of content your audience responds to best
  • Refine your acquisition channels - your content shouldn’t be cut and pasted to every acquisition channel that you have. Each channel has a different audience with different ways of engagement behaviours.

Use Micro Influencers

Over the past years, utilising influencers has been a popular marketing tactic. Influencers are somewhat the new celebrities in today’s digital age.

If you’re wondering what exactly an influencer is, it’s an easy concept to grasp. In basic terms, influencers are people who have a large social media following of engaged audience members. These people look to influencers for inspiration or advice on topics ranging from fashion to marketing to cooking. There’s an influencer for everything.

The benefit lies in the fact that they provide a very defined target audience for your brand. Choosing to work with an influencer that’s in line with your brand’s identity will almost guarantee that you can connect with your ideal customer.

The reason that micro influencers are trending in 2019 is because of their smaller amount of followers. You see, the smaller numbers allow micro influencers to actually connect with their audience. They build up relationships with their followers and their followers trust what they’re selling.


Using micro influencers builds a sense of credibility for your brand. Having your brand associated with a trusted voice will help drive traffic to your website and increase your rate of lead generation. Another bonus is that you get access to their well-curated content for your platforms too!

Choose Brand Story Telling vs Click Bait

For a while, the focus was on making your material go viral in order to expand your business’s reach. The more views you got, the better your marketing strategy looked, right? Well, audience members aren’t focused on what you’re selling anymore but rather who is selling it.

Having personal and relevant content that’s not just appropriate to your brand but delights and engages your audience is key. It’s time to create genuine content and maximise on your own ideas instead of following the crowds. Consumers want to get to know the brand before making their purchasing decision.

This is exactly why clickbait marketing is no longer strategic. Telling your brand’s story will build credibility and put you as an industry leader. Clickbait, on the other hand, is unoriginal, it doesn’t tell consumers what sets your brand apart from your competitors, and it can be a huge time waster.

People are seeking real content to help solve their real problems.

Adapt for Voice Search

Big changes are coming with voice search, and 2019 is just the start of it! More and more people are stocking up on their voice controlled devices while been drawn to personalised content.

If you want your content marketing strategy to succeed in 2019, start optimising your content for voice search now. Relook your SEO strategy to make it voice search friendly by considering your keywords and implementing featured snippets. You can read more about voice search optimisations here.


Create Engaging Content

You’ve probably picked up that we keep emphasising the importance of engaging content by now. The reason behind it is because it works! Content marketing isn’t just for blogging anymore. It’s about social media, podcasting, video curation, and even chatbots.

It’s time to start experimenting with different communication channels for your brand. Try grabbing your audience’s attention by mixing things up with video content, or try to better address their needs with chatbots. Find out what they’re responding to best and capitalise on it.


When you start looking at the content marketing trends for 2019, one point is clear: the focus is on the customer, not the sell. There is a lot of content out there for you to compete against and it’s important that you’re addressing your target audience’s to get noticed. Start leveraging new communication channels, try out different ways of building relationships with your customers, and enjoy the benefits that will follow.