10 Ideas for Your Ecommerce Content Marketing

Content marketing is a true and tested way to drive traffic to your website and build awareness for your brand as a whole. As an ecommerce platform, this is essential to your business’ success!


Content marketing is a true and tested way to drive traffic to your website and build awareness for your brand as a whole. As an ecommerce platform, this is essential to your business’ success!

In this post, we will explore 10 different ways for you to get your content marketing plan off the ground and start reeling in your ideal target audience. With a few simple strategies, you will be driving in sales in no time.


Why Use Ecommerce Content Marketing?

When done correctly, e-commerce content marketing can help you attract your ideal target audience by engaging with them through attractive communication strategies. This will dramatically improve your awareness and improve the quality of your leads that you’re bringing in.

In a convoluted market, this is particularly key in establishing your brand as an authoritative figure amongst your competitors. Instead of looking at your competitor for the latest deals, your audience will know exactly what to expect from your brand and will know why your product or service is the best out there.

Effectiveness aside, content marketing is also a lot cheaper than traditional marketing tactics. In fact, Demand Metric states that it costs a whopping 62% less with 3x as many leads being generated in the process. What’s not to love, right?

10 Strategies to Kick Start Your Ecommerce Content Marketing Plan:

1. Create Service or Product Videos

To help your target audience understand more about your service or product, try creating a quick introduction video. This video should succinctly wrap up why your brand is special and how buying your product or service can enrich your audience’s lives.

The goal is to create a video that entices your audience but still manages to give them informational insights into your brand. If you have a product or service that is hard to understand or isn’t as easily grasped by your audience, a video is a must!

2. Use Email Marketing

There’s nothing quite as compelling as email marketing when it comes to reminding your audience about your latest brand deals. This communication strategy comes at virtually no cost (based on your chosen platform) and generates a very appealing ROI.

Just remember, when it comes to email marketing, personalisation is key. Even by simply addressing the receiver by name goes a long way in avoiding your emails to land up in the spam folder.


3. Utilise User-Generated Content

A great way of acknowledging your current customer base while still expanding your reach is by utilising user-generated content.

Whether it’s a positive piece of customer feedback or sharing a tagged post onto your own social media channels, this is an authentic way of showing off your “real life” customers. By doing so, you are demonstrating the satisfaction customers can expect when purchasing your product or service.

4. Offer Informational Tips & Resources

This type of content marketing strategy requires you to dig deep into your target market’s pain points. Think about what they battle with on a day-to-day basis and what resources can you create to help alleviate them.

For example, if you’re offering customers online shopping dedicated to cleaning products, a checklist of household chores could definitely make their lives easier. You will also be positioning your brand as an expert within your industry in the process.

5. Activate Giveaways and Competitions

To set up your competition, you will have to offer your audience an appealing prize. This prize should be appealing and worthy enough of your audience to partake in. In return, all that your company expects for entry is a certain action to be taken.

Now this action should align with your content marketing’s goal. Whether it’s exposure, action, or awareness, you should keep this in mind when crafting the competition rules. For example, if you’d like your competition to create awareness for your brand, you may want to encourage users to tag their friends in the comments. This way, they are bringing new potential customers to your pages.

6. Encourage Guest Bloggers

If you have a blog channel, inviting guest bloggers is the perfect way to generate hype around your website. Using influencers or key industry role models that have a solid following will encourage users to notice your content and drive new people to your site too.

7. Make Use of Influencer Takeovers

On the note of influencers, build your brand’s awareness by taking part in a social media takeover. For this tactic, it’s best to use Instagram as it’s fairly easy to swap log in details and post content.

You can also make use of influencers to partake in customer reviews. As influencers are seen to be highly credible and authoritative, getting their seal of approval on their social media channels will work wonders for your brand’s reach.


8.Create Promotions

Build a sense of excitement and urgency with time-sensitive promotions. This content strategy will help drive traffic to your site in the hopes of your audience bagging your latest discount code or 2-for-1 deal.

Promotions put the marketing in content marketing. Make use of social media, native ads, and search engines to get your content seen.

9.Optimise Your Product Descriptions

Don’t forget that your website’s products make up a large part of your ecommerce content marketing strategy too. Your product’s descriptions should be used to help your customers make an informed decision about their purchase. Failing to do so may limit them from clicking “add to cart” and completing their transaction.

10.Start a Podcast

One content marketing channel that is continuing to grow in popularity is podcasting. Podcasts are fantastic for exchanging insightful information and promotions with your audience.

If starting a podcast isn’t quite on the cards yet, perhaps look at investing in some ad space. With over 1 billion subscribers, you are bound to find a podcast that is in line with your brand messaging and that offers a highly engaged listener base.

Lead-Generation Ecommerce content marketing is filled with creative and intriguing ideas to delight your audiences. With these strategies underway, it will only be a matter of time until those sales start pouring in.