3 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in the Foreseeable Future

The digital landscape is changing.

Businesses must learn to adapt or they risk losing a major competitive advantage. Social media was initially seen as a fad but soon networks such as Facebook and Twitter exploded in popularity. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone without an active account.

Data now shows that social media drive 31% of all referral traffic online. The massive figure only demonstrates the massive opportunity that businesses miss out on by overlooking social media. Regardless of what industry your business is in, it pays to pay attention to the latest digital marketing trends.

Here we look at three trends that we predict will continue to dominate in the foreseeable future.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is defined as the following:

Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour. It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it.

Your target market is already turning to search and other marketing channels to find information. Engaging content helps to position your brand in front of your audience. Additional benefits of content marketing include:

  • Increases brand awareness: Quality content attracts attention. Someone who sees an in-depth post through social media would be more likely to share it with their own followers, thus increasing awareness of your brand even further.
  • Drives more online traffic: Each content piece is a marketing asset that can be found in the search engines and other marketing channels. This helps drive even more highly targeted traffic to your landing pages.
  • Generates more sales: Once visitors have landed on your site through a quality post or other content asset, they can learn more about the products or services your business offer. These leads are incredibly targeted which can result in more sales.

Content marketing is clearly here to stay.

Examples of quality content include blog posts, in-depth tutorials, infographics, and videos. Investing in the production of each will give your business a major competitive advantage online.

2. Mobile Optimisation

As smartphone usage continues to see explosive growth, Google has begun focusing more on mobile optimisation and has even rolled out an update that makes mobile-friendliness a ranking ranking:

We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

Here is an example of what Google is looking for:

Mobile Optimisation

Your site will likely rank lower in mobile search if it is not optimised for mobile devices. Responsive design is Google’s recommended configuration as there is only a single URL to crawl and index. This design also automatically changes to fit all screen resolutions.

Mobile needs to be a priority for your business if it isn’t already.

3. Social Media Advertising

Social media makes it easier than ever for businesses to increase their reach and target a global audience.

Networks such as Facebook and Twitter offer their own advertising platforms where marketers and business owners can pay to have their ads displayed. Many businesses have naturally started their own marketing campaigns and have seen great results in the form of increased traffic and sales.

The amount of information that these networks have means that businesses can target specific demographics with incredible accuracy. Data shows that ad spending on social media will exceed $35 billion in 2017. Just like with Google AdWords, you can establish a daily budget and set the exact amount that you are willing to spend.

Even if you have a small budget, you can get started with a minimal amount and ramp up your spending from there.


The digital landscape is always fluid and never remains the same. Certain trends tend to come and go but content marketing, mobile optimisation, and social media are definitely here to stay. Make each one a priority to give your business a competitive advantage online.