10 Ways to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Magnet

10 Ways to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Magnet

Your website has the potential to put you in direct contact with your target market. With the use of lead magnets, you can start generating a strong email list and an engaged number of potential customers.

Oliver Wood
Oliver Wood

Your website has the potential to put you in direct contact with your target market. With the use of lead magnets, you can start generating a strong email list and an engaged number of potential customers.

The benefits of including a lead magnet strategy for your website are tenfold. This popular marketing tactic has gained prominence in the online space over the past 5 years. We’re seeing more businesses realising the power of valuable content and shifting their focus from selling products to serving your audience. When done correctly, your lead magnets could become your key tactic for building your customer base.


What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a way in which marketers encourage users to provide their contact information in exchange for free content. The more beneficial your lead magnet content is, the more likely users will be willing to give you their information. Once this contact information has been received, you can start building your email list for your newsletters and/or your sales funnel.

In other words, lead magnets subtly bribe your audience to subscribe to your content.

Why Should You Have Lead Magnets?

Besides the fact that you’re getting introduced to a direct contact channel with intriguided users, lead magnets offer great opportunities for your business.

When done correctly, lead magnets pose the opportunity for users to really engage with your content. The truth is, most users leave a website after 15 seconds. If your clickbait is engaging enough, you can present your business as an expert in your field and provide a positive brand experience.

This is why you should think carefully about what you’re going to use as your lead magnet. The content that you provide will give users a taste of what they can expect when interacting with your brand and should show them exactly why they can trust your service.

At the end of the day, as a business, you’re not losing anything with lead magnets. In fact, you can only win from using this simple marketing tactic. With that being said, let’s look at the different types of lead generation magnets to help you get inspired.


10 Types of Lead Magnets for Your Website:

Free Guides and eBooks

Guides and eBooks are great ways to share your knowledge and start helping your potential customers solve their problems before they invest in your service. When creating your guides and eBooks, keep in mind that it has to offer instant rewards. They should be crafted with your customer’s pain points in mind.

Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes act as a great way for the audiences to get involved with your content while getting more refined insights into your target audience. Content platforms like Buzzfeed have grown in popularity with their use of fun and entertaining quizzes.

The best quizzes are the ones that are creative in their outcome and focused on your target audience’s needs. For the best results, we’d recommend offering a freebie in return for their time and answers.

Engaging Pop-Ups

Pop-ups were once synonymous with spam website and a sure way to get yourself a nasty virus. Nowadays, pop-ups have evolved into marketer’s best friend when it comes to lead generation. They are a sure way to transform your website into a lead generation magnet machine!

Pop-ups can be added to your website through the use of widgets. WordPress is compatible with many different widgets for you to choose from. You can choose from OptinMonster, Bloom, Thrive Leads and even Hubspot for simpler designs.

Free Trials & Demos

Give your audience a taste of what they can expect with the use of free trials and demos. If you offer a complicated service that can only fully be appreciated by experiencing it, a trial comes highly recommended.

If they’re happy with the demo, users will be more likely to fulfill their purchase. If not, you now have their contact information to follow up and help them further along their buyer’s journey.


Informative Webinars

Once again, with any chance to present your business as authoritative and an expert within your field, you should take it! Free webinars are a great way for you to share your knowledge, show users what they can expect from your service or product, and engage with notable topics with your target audience.

Competitions and Giveaways

Everyone loves the chance to win! With this type of lead generating, the sharing potential is huge. When done correctly, you can encourage users to share the competition with their friends which expands your potential reach as a result.

Exclusive Offers

One sure way to boost your email list is by offering your audience an exclusive special. In exchange for their contact information, they can receive a discount off your service, free shipping, or cost-free consultations. Again, this speaks to how your lead generation strategy can benefit your audience.

Downloadable Templates

This lead magnet strategy is one that can be completely adapted to suit your brand’s purpose. Help make your potential customer’s life easier by giving free, well-designed downloadable content. These can take the form of checklists or design templates.

For example, if you have a wedding planning business, you may want to offer users a free wedding checklist. This will help your target audience with their wedding planning duties while being constantly reminded of your expertise.

Online Courses

With an online course, you can share tips, effective strategies, and even guest advice with those who sign up. This strategy helps build trust and loyalty amongst your target audience. As a result, you will be the first brand that pop-ups when they’re looking for an answer to their industry-related problem.

Appealing CTAs

Give your visitors an extra push by incorporating appealing CTAs with your lead generation magnets. In your CTAs, try to speak to your customer’s pain points such as “get more customers” or “start selling more now”. Both of these allude to the benefits that they can enjoy when interacting with your content.


Adding value to your target audience should be key to any marketing strategy. Effective lead magnets that delight audiences will help you strengthen your customer base while presenting your brand as one that truly cares about their customers.

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